Friday, September 23, 2016

My Fall Fashion Obsessions

Happy Friday everyone! Who's ready for the first weekend of fall? I'm so excited that fall is finally here even though it's still a little on the HOT side here in Texas. But, I'm already updating my fall wardrobe because I'm bound and determined not to let this heat ruin my fall this year. Even if I have to dress in layers and end up striping half of those layers off midday, I'm still going to start rocking my fall wardrobe. I love the fall season because so many of my favorite things happen during the fall...hayrides, Halloween, Thanksgiving, sweater weather (probably not until November here), and pumpkin spice drinks to name a few. Every year I have a few new obsessions that get added to the list of why I love fall so much and this year is no exception. There are 3 fall fashion items that I'm currently obsessing over actually and I can't wait to buy several of each of these in different colors and patterns of course ;) So, what new items have been added to the list this year?...

I've never been a big fan of scarves in the past, but for some reason this year I can't get enough of them. I only have 4 currently, but I have my eye on several both online and at the store. Infinity scarves are my favorite because they stay put all day and don't unwrap themselves from your neck, but the beautiful blanket scarves like the one in the picture are my current obsession. These are so beautiful and will keep you warm during the chilly nights ahead. I plan to own at least 3 of these beauties soon so be looking for them to be featured on an outfit post. LOL I paired this beautiful scarf with a pair of skinny jeans, ankle boots, and a cute sweater. I would wear this outfit on a movie date or just out and about shopping when the weather finally drops enough. You can shop this look HERE or find some similar ones HERE.

Ankle Boots
I love wearing boots in the fall and winter because they keep my feet warm and because they are super stylish. I normally wear boots that come up to my shin or higher but this year I have become obsessed with these adorable little ankle boots. I love how I can wear them with my skinny jeans and not have to tuck the jeans into the boots and I can turn around and wear them with a dress as well. I just recently bought 2 pairs of these boots, one taupe and one black, that I can't wait to wear and share with you. The ones in the picture are so adorable and I need a pair in this color next :) I paired these ankle boots with a pair of skinny jeans and a striped sweater. This is the perfect casual outfit for fall that I would wear everywhere. You can shop this look HERE or find some similar ones HERE.

Sweater Dresses
I've always had a weakness for a pretty sweater dress, but this season I'm obsessed with the long sleeve fit and flare ones. I actually have a beautiful one I bought recently in nude but it hasn't been cool enough for me to wear it. Hopefully I can wear it towards the end of November at the latest. The one in the picture is exceptionally pretty. I love the stripes and the vibrant colors which are perfect for this fall season. I paired this sweater dress with a gorgeous pair of berry tassel boots and a matching purse. I'd wear this outfit to church or on a date with my sweetie. You can shop this look HERE or find some similar ones HERE

What are you currently obsessing over for fall? Are any of these on your list? I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Be sure to spread the love and share this post with all your fashionista friends. I hope you have an amazing weekend and happy shopping :)

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Top 10 Picks Of The Week

Hey everyone and happy first day of fall! Here in Texas it really doesn't seem like fall with the temperatures still in the 80s, but I'm excited about all the new styles and prints for the new season and I can't wait to dive right in and show you all the awesome things I'm finding out there :) For the fall and winter seasons I'll be heading back to some of the stores I visited during the spring and summer to see what new stuff they have out and to share these finds with you. To kick off the first fall edition of the Top 10 Picks Of The Week I decided to feature a store that I love and no matter what the naysayers might say I'll continue to shop at as long as the clothing remains super cute! So where did I shop at this week?

I know I just featured a super cute top from Walmart yesterday but I couldn't kick off a new season of the top 10 picks without starting with a store that I love and feature at least several times a month. I'm sure some of you are thinking that I get paid to promote Walmart or that I'm an affiliate of theirs, but neither are true. Not yet ;) I simply love clothing that is not only cute but super affordable and both are true of the clothing at Walmart. No matter what I go in there for I always come out with a buggy full of goodies and more times than not those goodies include clothing. This particular time I went into Walmart with the sole purpose of sorting through all their new fall inventory and finding a variety of the best they have to offer. There were so many items to sort through that it took about two hours, but I finally found the best of the best to share with you and here they are:

The Top 10
I love stripes for fall and anything in the color red. Also hoodies are a favorite casual item that I love to wear during the colder months. I would pair this with skinny jeans and either black boots or converse sneakers.

This has to be a signature style from Walmart because every year they have these only in whatever color is hot for that year. I picked this because I love wearing these and the neutral colors are great for this season. Skinny jeans or leggings would look great and of course a cute pair of boots. 

#3 Red peasant top *similar $9.88
This top is gorgeous! I love the color and the lace detail. The v neck and high waist make this beauty a must have. I would wear this with skinny jeans and a pair of red lace up flats.

#4 Striped sweater tunic *similar $14.88
Here's another classic Walmart sweater only this one has beautiful coloring and a striped pattern which I love. The three buckles detail adds some spice and makes this top even prettier. I'd wear this with black leggings and knee high black boots.

I know this is one appears to be leftover from summer but actually the darker coloring makes it perfect for fall. I love how it appears slightly faded and the lace detail in the back is super pretty. I'd probably wear some skinny jeans and a cute pair of flats or boots with this top.

I love pink in any shade so when I saw this top I thought it was so pretty. This style is perfect for fall and there's different colors if you want one that's more of a fall shade. I'd wear a pair of flare leg jeans and some wedges or clogs with this beauty. 

This top is super cute and i picked it because the material is really silky and very comfy. This is a great shade for my skin tone but it also comes in other colors if this one isn't for you. For this top I'd wear some skinny jeans and a cute pair of flats.

This top made the final cut because of the super cute style and how well it fits. I love the tie front and the lace detail makes this a great buy. This one also comes in a variety of colors but I chose the black one because it's a great color for fall especially if you want to wear a colorful patterned scarf. I'd wear a pair of skinny jeans and a cute pair of ankle booties with this top and I'd probably throw in a nice scarf. 

I love the color green but sadly I don't own that many green items. I saw this cutie and I not only loved the saying on the front but the tassels and the lace panels on the shoulders make this a great pick for fall. I'd most likely wear a pair of skinny jeans and some green converse sneakers with this shirt.

#10 Plaid lace up top *similar $12.88
I love this top so much! The lace up neckline and the awesome plaid print are absolutely perfect for this fall season. The colors are great as well. This top is meant to fit a little loose so adjust the size accordingly. I had to try on one size larger to make sure it fit correctly. I'd wear a dark pair of skinny jeans and a cute pair of ankle booties with this adorable top. 

All these items are great for this fall season and can be worn in many different ways to suit your style. I ended up buying two of these cuties myself but I decided to keep which ones a secret until I actually wear them :) I'll be featuring both items on later posts so be looking forward to that! Some of these items I couldn't find online so I linked a similar item from the Walmart website. So, which of these 10 items was your favorite? How would you style it? I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Be sure to spread the love by sharing this post with all your friends who would love some great ideas for their fall wardrobe. I hope you have an amazing first day of fall and happy shopping :)

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Red And Black Plaid Button Up Top

Happy hump day everyone!!! It's Wednesday which means this week is already halfway over. Who's ready for the weekend?? You know I'm always ready for the weekend! LOL. Today is a pretty special day though. Anyone know why? It's my first official outfit post of the fall season that's why. Fall officially begins tomorrow and even though it's still HOT here in Texas I'd like to kick off the fall season with a super cute top I found while out shopping recently that I know you'll love as much as I do. So what is so great about this top and where can you get one for yourself?

The Top
I seriously think I need to take out stock at Walmart, for real!!! Every time I go in that place it seems I come out with a new article of clothing (just wait until you see my new fall boots I got there). I know Walmart isn't very popular with most fashionistas and I completely understand why. Back in the late 90s and early 2000s their clothes weren't anything to write home about and most people would never admit they got anything from there, but times have changed and now they have pretty amazing stuff just like this awesome red and black plaid button up top I found for less than $15. It's time to give Walmart another try ladies! You never know what great deals you'll find! This particular shirt is too adorable. I fell in love with it immediately and I even bought it without trying it on *gasp* but I went a size up then what I normally wear and it fit perfectly. I LOVE plaid for the fall season and red is a great color that looks good on just about everyone so this beauty would make a great addition to your fall wardrobe. Add the super cute lace panel in the back and this top goes from plain to fab! So how did I decide to style this cutie and how can you change it up to fit your own personal style?

My Style
The first thing I thought about when deciding what to wear with this top was my awesome black combat boots. I love boots with these types of tops because I think they look great with them and it's the perfect fall combo. But, the lace panel in the back gives the whole top a slightly dressier look so I decided to wear my super adorable black pointed toe lace up flats that I got at Burke's Outlet instead. Add my new favorite pair of skinny jeans from Abercrombie and Fitch to the mix and I had the perfect fall outfit for the dressy casual look I was going for. Of course you can change it up and wear a cute pair of fall boots or booties instead. In fact, a nice pair of black booties with a black moto jacket would look super cute with this top. If you're not a fan of skinny jeans then boot cut jeans would look lovely as well. Also, this top comes in a variety of colors so you can pick the one you like the best and play around with different shoes to make your own awesome style. I think I might add a cute black scarf and change out the flats for booties the next time I wear this top :) 

Shop This Style: Top / Jeans / Flats *similar

Isn't this top perfect for fall? What is your first official day of fall outfit going to be? How would you style this top differently? I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Be sure to spread the love and share this post with all your friends who would love this top. I hope you have an amazing hump day and happy shopping :) 

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Must Have Monday

Hey everyone and happy Monday! Today is officially my first fall post of the season since Thursday is technically the first day of fall. I'm excited to announce that with the new season I have changed up the Monday post just a bit. Instead of Must Have Shoes Of The Week the post will now be called Must Have Monday. Life is all about change and it's never a good idea to get stuck in a rut so I'm making this change to freshen up my little blog and I hope you like it as much as I do. I'll still feature some must have shoes from time to time but now I'll feature accessories and purses as well...five different items each week to be exact :) So, let's kick off this Monday right with some awesome must have accessories!!

Must Haves
For my first Must Have Monday post I decided to browse through my Polyvore app and see what I could find that is absolutely awesome and worthy of a shout out. I love playing on this app because it always features the latest styles and it allows you to put outfits together and style pics to your liking. Pretty cool huh?! The following five items I thought were too adorable not to share with you and have made it onto my wish list. To shop for these exact items, I have linked them HERE for you.

1-Deer Clutch (Betsey Johnson, $68)
2-Hydrated AF Water Bottle (Etsy, $16)
3-Cat Eye Sunglasses (Fendi, $390)
4-Pom Pom Keychain (Michael Kors, $38)
5-It's Fall Y'all Phone Case (Casetify, $40)

How adorable is that deer clutch? This one is a little pricey but it's Betsey Johnson and I LOVE her so I'll pay it. The water bottle is too funny and I seriously need that for when I'm running around doing errands. The cat eye sunglasses are the hottest style of shades right now!! These Fendi ones are way too pricey for me so I found a more budget friendly pair HERE for less than $15. Everyone is wearing pom poms on their purses right now...even my mom. LOL I think I'm literally the only one who does't have one!! Well this little black one is right up my alley if only it was a little cheaper...HERE is one a little closer to my price range at less than $2. Last but not least is this super adorable phone case which is perfect for fall especially for all my southern ladies :) 

I love all these items so much especially the deer clutch :) Which one is your favorite? What is a must have item on your wish list for this week? I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Be sure to spread the love and share this post with all your friends. I hope you have an amazing Monday and happy shopping :)

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Blush Pink Blouse

Hey everyone and happy Sunday! I can't believe how fast this weekend flew by. It seems like just yesterday I was excited for the weekend and now it's already over :( I'll be heading back to work in a few hours but before I do I'd like to share with you a beautiful blouse I found while out shopping last week that I think you'll love. Since Thursday is the first official day of fall, this will be my last summer post. Even though I have been doing a lot of fall shopping here recently I have tried to hang on to summer for as long as possible. But, it's all good because fall fashion is amazing this year and I can't wait to show you what I've found on my first fall outfit post of the season on Wednesday ;) So, what super cute blouse did I find and where can you snag one for yourself?

The Blouse
I found this blouse while shopping at American Eagle Outfitters last weekend and I fell in love with not only the style but the color. I think blush pink is the perfect shade for any time of the year especially summer but you can easily transition this beautiful shade into your fall wardrobe as well. The off the shoulder tops had an amazing year. They started becoming super trendy in the spring and continued right on into summer. What I love about this blouse is you can choose to wear it off or on the shoulder. I chose to do the later because I'm not a big fan of wearing my tops off my shoulder and also because this is the perfect example of how to transition these types of tops into amazing fall outfits. Also, this blouse is currently on sale for less than $15 so it's a steal! So how did I choose to style this beauty, how can you style it differently, and how can you transition this summer top into your fall wardrobe?

My Style
I wanted to look slightly dressy but still super comfortable when I wore this outfit on a shopping trip with my sweetie so I decided to pair it with my amazing skinny jeans from Hollister and these adorable pointed toe lace up flats from Wet Seal that I love so much. This blouse is a little shorter than I normally like to wear because I don't like showing off my stomach but luckily these jeans are high waisted so I could feel free to move around all I wanted and know that I would remain modest. These jeans are extremely comfortable and they have a lot of stretch which gives you room to move freely. These adorable flats have become THE shoes of the year and I love how comfy and cute they are. I always get lots of compliments every time I wear a pair of these beautiful shoes. To change it up a bit you could wear a pair of flare leg jeans and wedges instead or you could keep the skinny jeans and wear a pair of sandals. To transition this blouse into your fall wardrobe simply wear a pair of cute boots and maybe throw on a scarf and/or blue jean jacket. No matter what you decide to pair with this awesome blouse make sure you own that look :) 

Shop This Look: Blouse / Jeans / Flats *similar

Isn't this blouse adorable? How would you style it differently? Flats, wedges, sandals, or boots? Which style would you choose? I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Don't forget to spread the love by sharing this post with all your friends. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and happy shopping :)  

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress

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