Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Fall and Winter Outfits

Picture to right

This dress was purchased from Forever 21 on the clearance rack.
I bought it awhile ago but I'm pretty sure I only paid $10 for it.
The shoes I got from a catalog company called alloy. The brand is Dollhouse and I paid $60
 This outfit works because the shoes look like rugged work boots which goes with the camo pattern, but the 6" heels give it a flirty feminine look that compliments the dress well.
 This dress could be also be paired with black combat boots for a different look.


 Outfit:2                                                                                                Picture to left                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The dress and scarf were purchased at Walmart for less than $15 for the set. The black fleece leggings I got at Khols for around $20, maybe less. The boots I found at Burkes outlet for $25, they are southpole! This outfit is very versatile. First off, the scarf is removable so if you're not a scarf fan then you can wear the dress alone. Secondly, This dress can be worn as a tunic with jeans. Lastly, you can pair this dress with many different shoes. I'd advise against heels with this one, but flats with the jeans would look nice. I chose to wear gray plaid boots so the outfit didn't look so plain.                   

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