Sunday, January 31, 2016

My fall and winter outfits 9

Hello again everyone! I hope you have all had an awesome weekend. Did you get a chance to check out my picks of the week on Wednesday? If not it’s ok you can still go back and take a look. I know you have been wanting to know where I found such cute sweaters and it’s time to reveal the answer. No matter which of the 3 was your favorite, you can find them all at kohls. My decision this week wasn’t all that hard. Don’t get me wrong all of the sweaters were really cute, but there was only one that caught my attention above all the other sweaters in the entire store. The grey sweater was very shiny and I loved the way it sparkled when the light hit it. It fit very well and hung just right in the front, but it was missing that special something. You know what I mean ladies….that something that calls to you and says this is the outfit for you! The dark pink one looked great on the hanger and I love the color, but it was entirely too bulky for my frame. It looked like the sweater was wearing me instead of the other way around which is never a good thing. This sweater would better suit someone with a fuller figure.  So ladies, that only leaves one! And the winner is…

Outfit 1:

Outfit 1: Tigress’ Pick Of The Week
As soon as I saw this outfit at the store I was drawn to the color and the material. It’s a lighter fabric so it doesn’t feel too bulky when I wear it and the light pink looks really beautiful with my skin tone. It flows perfectly in the front which helps to create a slight illusion of curves to my tiny frame so this is a perfect sweater for petite women who want to appear slightly more curvy than usual. This is the perfect choice for a slightly warmer day that may still have a chill in the air. I chose to wear this outfit to church so I would look super stylish and stay warm while inside but not get too hot. This would also be great for a night out with friends or going shopping at the mall. I paired the sweater with a white camisole undershirt, skinny jeans, and white heeled booties so it has more of a dressy feel which I love. You can also wear flat boots or ballet flats in white or nude if heels aren’t your thing. The skinny jeans can also be swapped out for boot cut or flared leg jeans. The sweater is from kohls, the white camisole undershirt is Forever 21, the jeans are Walmart, and the shoes are from Shoe Dazzle online.

Outfit 2:
Outfit 2:
For my second outfit for this week I chose a sweater that was featured in my first ever picks of the week post. I couldn’t choose between the 3 that week so I ended up buying them all. I like the pattern of this sweater and I knew the black and white coloring would go perfectly with boots I already had in my wardrobe. The round shape isn’t my favorite, but it does make me look thicker than I actually am as you can clearly see in the picture I had taken of the outfit. The material is very light which was great for this weekend considering we had a nice little hot spell here in Texas. So, I was able to go out to a nice dinner and feel beautiful but not get overheated. I decided to wear this sweater with my awesome pair of black fur booted heels. These shoes never let me down when it comes to pulling an outfit together and making it look awesome! If you don’t want to wear heels I think a cute pair of ballet flats would be the next best choice. I wouldn’t wear sneakers with this one as I feel it would bring the style of the sweater down and make you look a little frumpy. I found the sweater at Walmart, the camisole undershirt is Forever 21, the jeans are also Walmart, and the boots are from JustfFab online.

Did your favorite make the cut? If not, you can always go to Kohls and buy your favorite and send me a picture of how you put the outfit together. I love feedback so as always leave me a comment or send me an email. If there is a store that you would like to see featured on a future post let me know and I’ll do my best to go shopping there as soon as I can. Be sure to check back Wednesday to see my next picks of the week post…. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

5 Types Of Sweaters Every Girl Needs In Her Wardrobe

When you think of winter what's one of the first things that comes to mind? If you said cold weather you are absolutely correct! Even though Spring is fast approaching it's still winter and very much most parts of the US anyway. So, with that in mind, I'd like to talk about one of my favorite articles of clothing...sweaters. No matter where you live sweaters are a fundamental part of everyone's wardrobe. Of course here in Texas I don't get to wear them for many months out of the year, but if you live further north sweaters are probably more of a constant for you. Did you know there are many different types of sweaters? When I was a little girl I called every thick, fuzzy, and warm article of clothing a sweater. It wasn't until I was older and got into fashion that I realized I was so wrong. Some of my closest friends are still under this I decided to write this article to help those of you who may not know the difference from one sweater type to another. If I wrote about all of them we might very well be here all day, so I chose 5 that I believe are essential for any girls wardrobe. 

#1. The Turtleneck
I believe over the past few years the turtleneck sweater has gotten a bad rep with the fashion industry. All we see in the magazines are super skinny models wearing these and of course they look absolutely stunning in them, but if you are a full figured woman then you know when you go to wear one of these your breasts look overly large and it can make some of you slightly uncomfortable. Even smaller breasted women feel it draws attention to their small chest and steer clear of them altogether. I'm here to tell you to stop that way of thinking. I personally feel that turtleneck sweaters look great on all figures and more women should be wearing them. The trick is finding the right turtleneck to compliment your figure. For full figured women, try the cowl neck sweater. It is a turtleneck that isn't as tight around the top so you don't feel as restricted and out there like with the more snug tops. For smaller chested girls, try a bulkier fabric. It won't hug your non existent curves and make you feel like the whole world is noticing your lack of assets. With that being said, as always you should feel comfortable in your own skin. If you are confident and don't care what others think then by all means rock whatever you want to. For my example I chose a gorgeous blue turtleneck sweater. This style is tight in the body but slightly looser towards the neckline so I feel it will flatter all figures very nicely. I paired it with a pair of skinny jeans and super cute high heeled boots to make this a stylish and dressy outfit.

#2. The Black Sweater
A black sweater is a must in every wardrobe! It doesn't matter what style the sweater is because black goes with almost anything. Black is very slimming for full figured women and with the right fabric can enhance even a petite figure. With a black sweater in your wardrobe the sky is the limit with outfit choices. You can wear any color jeans, leggings, or skirts with this so by all means go a little crazy. Buy those super cute camo pants you wouldn't normally get because you feel you have nothing to wear them with. Take a fashion risk and get those skin tight floral leggings that you're not quite sure about. On the flip side black is also very elegant. If you have a casual event coming up for work or it's cold in the office, that black sweater will work perfectly in both situations as well. Take my advice ladies, go out and get that black sweater as soon as possible. For my example I went with a cute slightly longer black sweater and a pair of awesome camo jeans. And ladies check out the boots....they are super awesome and give the whole outfit an edgy vibe which is always in style. 

#3. The Oversized Sweater
This is the sweater that you just want to curl up into and relax. It's perfect for those bitter cold days where all you want to do is stay home in front of the tv and veg out all day. It's also good for hanging out with friends or running errands at the store. This style doesn't take a lot of effort to pull off and it's very flattering for all body types. It's also the perfect sweater to wear with leggings! In my opinion it's the only type of sweater that should be worn with leggings, but like I said before rock your style how you want to. A side note, petite girls may want to pick a slightly tighter fabric with this one and make sure it hangs just past your behind in the back. You don't want to look like the sweater is wearing you. For my example I chose a gorgeous over sized green sweater and paired it with a pair of super cute floral leggings. The sweater matches the green leaves in the leggings which makes the beautiful flowers in the leggings stand out. I found these boots online and they are just about the cutest fur boots I have ever seen. The green of the boots matches the sweater perfectly which pulls the whole outfit together. This outfit is now on my must have list!

#4. The Cardigan Sweater
You can never go wrong with this type of sweater. I don't care what your body shape is, the cardigan is always flattering if you pick the right style. The super tight button down cardigans that always remind me of high school varsity sweaters are flattering for people with smaller frames. Even larger chested girls can pull these off if you want to show off your assets, which some of us ladies certainly do. Just be careful not to show too much off ladies. Leave a little something to the imagination. The bulkier cardigans that flow freely in the front go well with all body types. It helps to camouflage curves that some women may not want to show off and it helps to add bulk to a slightly smaller frame to create the illusion of more curves. Yes it's funny how that works, but trust me I've seen this sweater type on all body shapes and it does exactly that. It's multi functional. For my example I chose the bulkier cardigan in a cute blue and coral pattern that will go great with all body types. I paired it with a pair of skinny jeans and a cute pair of tan heeled hoots. This is great for those cool days when it's slightly warmer and you may want to take that sweater off halfway through the day. 

#5. The Fuzzy Sweater
There are many different shapes and sizes of fuzzy sweaters so be sure to pick one that works well with your frame. I included this in my top 5 because of the texture. This sweater is so soft to the touch and actually quite warm. I love to wear them and if I lived somewhere colder I would probably live in them year round. When it comes to fuzzy sweaters make sure not to get one that is too bulky if you have a fuller figure as it may add too much bulk to your frame. Get one that is slightly tighter and not quite as fuzzy. For smaller figured girls don't get one that is too baggy or it will swallow you. Your best bet is the cropped fuzzy. It adds just enough to make you look curvier and the short length is perfect for your frame. Be sure to pair it with a high waisted bottom to avoid showing too much tummy unless of course that is your thing. Just remember what I said before ladies...keep them guessing! For my example I chose a black fuzzy cropped sweater and paired it with a high waisted plaid mid length skirt. I love this combo. It's very classy and elegant and doesn't show too much skin. To top off the outfit I paired it with a pair of black mary jane high heels. This would be the perfect date night outfit. 

I really hope this helped you out. These 5 sweaters are, in my opinion, the ultimate must haves for every woman's wardrobe. If you already own these great! If not, get them as soon as you can. It's my mission to make sure everyone always looks and feels their best so as always if you have any questions or if you just want to leave me a comment please feel free to do so. I'm here to help you one outfit at a time.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tigress' Picks Of The Week

I hope everyone is having an awesome week! It's halfway to the weekend and that means it's time to show you my picks of the week! I had a really great time shopping for these sweaters but this time my decision was pretty easy. Which one is your favorite? Be sure to check back Sunday to see which one was the winner. As always I would love some feedback so leave me a comment or send me an email. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Must have shoes of the week!

If you love fashion and shopping then you love shoes! Sometimes however finding the perfect shoes for an outfit can be hard so I've decided to help you out! Every Monday I'll post 5 of the hottest shoes for the week so if you have an outfit at home and you're just not sure what shoes to pair it with then maybe one of these pairs will be the right ones for you.
For this post I decided to focus on winter boots because it's still January and who doesn't love boots?! You will stay warm and stylish with all of these and they can all be purchased online at justfab. I'd love to get some feedback on which pair you like the best or ideas on what outfit you'd wear them with. As always I hope everyone has a great week and be sure to check back Wednesday for my picks of the week....

Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Fall And Winter Outfits 8

I hope everyone had an awesome week. Did you get a chance to check out my picks of the week on Wednesday? Are you dying to know where I found those cute sweaters? If so, the answer is TJmaxx! I love this store because they always have such awesome name brand clothes at decent prices. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for spending good money on something totally worth it but why spend it if I don't have to. My decision this week was actually very difficult. I told myself before going in the store that I was only buying one this week and I stuck to that which isn't easy for me. So, here is the breakdown of why I chose the one that I did...I love the colors in the second sweater and was instantly drawn to it, but it didn't look that good on me. It hung on my frame awkwardly and did nothing to flatter my figure so that one was out. The first and third sweaters I absolutely love! It was very hard to choose between these two. They both flattered my frame and the colors and patterns on both were super cute, but the deciding factor was the fact that I had a new pair of UGGs at home that would compliment one of the sweaters perfectly. I reluctantly returned the loser to the rack, but if it was your choice you can go to TJmaxx and purchase it and send me an email with how you made it into an outfit. And so, the winner is....
Outfit 1

Outfit 1: Tigress' Pick Of The Week
This sweater is really cute and stylish. I love the design and I knew I had the perfect shoes to go with this to create an awesome outfit. I know it may look black and white because of the lighting in the photo but in person it's navy blue and light blue. I wanted to dress it down with this one and wear my new UGGs, but you can always wear a cute pair of heeled boots instead to make it more dressy or a pair of ballet flats. Tan or navy blue shoes will look best with the color scheme and maybe even brown, but not black. If you want to recreate this look you can find the sweater at TJmaxx, the camisole undershirt at Forever 21, the jeans at Walmart, and I found the UGGs at Ross. Did you agree with my choice? Leave me a comment or send me an email. I'd really love to hear from you.

Outfit 2

Outfit 2: 
This is a sweater I've had in my collection for a bit. I absolutely love the coloring and the stripes. It's a tunic sweater so I decided to pair it with fleece lined leggings. I love how this combo works perfectly together, but if you're not a legging fan you can always wear a pair of skinny jeans. It was the perfect weather this weekend for fur boots so I decided to wear my purple bearpaws that go with the color scheme of the sweater. If you want to dress it up you can wear booted heels in a dark purple or change the leggings to black and pair it with black boots. You can also wear a cute pair of flats or perhaps even a pair of cute sneakers like Converse. I purchased this sweater from 579 before it closed, but there may still be one where you live. The leggings I found at Burkes Outlet, and the Bearpaws I got from Ross.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tigress' Picks Of The Week

Hello everyone! It's Wednesday and that means it's time to reveal my top 3 picks of the week! This week I had a really hard time choosing between these 3 gorgeous sweaters but there was only 1 that came out on top. Which one is your favorite? Leave me a comment with your choice and be sure to visit back this weekend to see which one I chose and to see how I made it into an outfit.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Fall and Winter outfits 7

   Hello again! I hope everyone had a chance to view my post on Wednesday. Did you decide which of the 3 was your favorite? Are you wondering where you can get these awesome sweaters? It was a really hard decision trying to pick just one so I ended up buying all 3. I know that's terrible but what can I say I'm a bit of a shopaholic. However, only one was chosen as my absolute favorite and will be featured on today's post. First off I'd like to let you know that no matter which one you liked the most, all 3 can be found at Walmart. I chose Walmart as the first store because I do a lot of shopping there and the clothes are really cute and affordable. Second, I chose sweaters because it's still winter until March and I don't want to start shopping too early for Spring. And now for my decision....The pink and black sweater is really soft against the skin and really cute, but it hangs straight and isn't very flattering. I bought it because pink is my favorite color, but this one is not my favorite. The black and white sweater has a super cute pattern and I have several pairs of black shoes I can pair with this, but it also doesn't hang quite right so it too lost out by just a hair as my favorite. So, that leaves only one! And the winner is....

  Outfit 1

   Outfit 1: Tigress' Pick Of The Week
This brown sweater was my absolute favorite of the 3! It wasn't as soft as the pink one, but I love the way it hangs in the front and the fact that it's slightly longer in the back. I also don't have that many clothes in this color and I like my wardrobe to be very diversified. You never want to get yourself stuck in the rut of wearing the same style or color all of the time. Always change things up and try new styles so your wardrobe isn't boring. This is the perfect sweater for cooler weather and the style can be dressy or casual. I was running errands for the day so I chose the casual option. I paired this with a dark brown pair of riding boots that are really comfortable and stylish. If you want to dress it up you can wear a brown pair of heeled boots. I personally wouldn't wear sneakers with this because I feel that would make the outfit too casual and not well put together, The sweater and jeans are from Walmart, the camisole undershirt is from La'Patricia, and the shoes I found at Ross.


  Outfit 2

Outfit 2:

For my second outfit this week I chose a sweater that I already had in my wardrobe. This shredded sleeve sweater is perfect for anyone who is wanting to be more adventurous and have a more edgy look. I was planning to go out with friends and I wanted to feel spunky like a teenager again. The sweater is just long enough to pair with leggings, but if you are more comfortable in skinny jeans then wear those. Don't wear bottoms that are baggy. Since the top is not fitted wearing baggy jeans will make you look sloppy so tight jeans or leggings is the way to go with this one. I chose to pair the sweater with a pair of burgundy Dr. Martens boots. It gives the whole outfit a rocker vibe and since that's my music it was perfect for me. You can also wear sneakers with this since it's meant to be casual or a different color of boots. I wouldn't wear heeled boots with this one cause I don't think the sweater is dressy enough for that, but you can always try it out and see how it looks. The sweater is Forever 21, the blue jean leggings are Walmart, and the boots are from Journeys.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tigress' picks of the week

These are my top 3 picks for the week! Which one is your favorite? Come back this weekend to find out where you can find these awesome sweaters and to see which one is my absolute favorite.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Fall and Winter outfits 6

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a great first week of the new year. This year I would like to incorporate my love of shopping into my posts. So, every week I'll go to a different store and check out what they have to offer. Then I'll pick 3 of my favorites and post them here during the week. Then on my normal weekend post I'll reveal which one of the 3 is Tigress' pick of the week and it will be one of the outfits I'm wearing in the post. I'm really looking forward to checking out the latest styles and helping you find them as well. I'll start this coming week so be sure to check back around mid week to see my 3 picks.

Outfit 1:
Outfit 1:
This weekend started out warm but turned cold Saturday mid day. I was heading out to spend the day with my man so I wanted to stay warm yet look super awesome as well. I love open front sweaters. They will fit any frame really well and you can find so many different styles and pair them with all kinds of shoes and bottoms. This sweater really caught my eye when I saw it in the store because of the color and design. Dark burgundy and black go really well together and the front drapes perfectly over my small frame and helps to create the illusion of more curves. I paired the sweater with skinny jeans and fur booted heels because of how dressy and sleek it looks and this whole outfit made me feel beautiful which is always how you should feel when you dress. And it didn't hurt that my man kept looking at me a little more than usual. If heels are too much for you and you want a more casual look you can always pair this sweater with flat boots like riding boots or UGGs but I think the later might be too casual. You can also wear leggings or boot cut jeans if you prefer. You can find the sweater at Walmart, the black undershirt at Forever 21, the jeans are also from Walmart, and the boots are sold by JustFab.

                                    Outfit 2:
Outfit 2:
For my second outfit I chose something cute and super casual. I was hanging out with family then spending a nice amount of time in my car so I wanted something comfortable. This sweater was actually a Christmas present from a dear friend of mine and I think she did an awesome job picking it out. I don't normally wear white because I'm super pale and it makes me look washed out, but I love the design on this and the black and green coloring is super cute. It was also a big plus to know that I had the perfect shoes to compliment the sweater really well. I chose to pair the sweater with skinny jeans simply because as a general rule I prefer skinny jeans to any other jean type so 9 times out of 10 that's what I'll be wearing but, this sweater can be worn with boot cut or flared leg jeans as well. Just don't wear leggings with this one ladies. Leggings are not jeans and in my opinion should not be worn as such. As a general rule if the top is not long enough to cover your behind then you shouldn't wear it with leggings.For the shoes I chose to wear super cute Converse sneakers to match the green in the sweater but you can also wear black shoes of any kind except heels. This is a casual sweater and should be worn with casual shoes like sneakers or flat boots. Just remember this outfit is meant to be comfortable and cute not super sexy. However, no matter what you wear be sure to rock it! You can get this sweater from JCpenney and I believe it's on sale now, the jeans are from Walmart, and the shoes I found at                                             Academy.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas Leggings

Happy New Year everyone! I'm sure everyone has at least thought of a new years resolution and hopefully once you decide on one you stick with it this year. I have several but the one I know I'll have no problem sticking with is to always dress my best no matter what I'm doing. Hopefully I can help all of you do the same. To kick off this new year I've decided to start with Christmas leggings. The reason for this is finally got cold enough here in Texas to wear them. Also, you don't really want to wear Christmas patterned leggings after the first of the year so I was running out of time. Here's how I paired the two pair that I own....

Outfit 1:

Outfit 1:
This first outfit I was wearing to a bonfire on new years eve so I decided on the green and navy blue fleece leggings. These are super cute and comfortable and are actually warmer than wearing jeans. I wanted to bring out the navy blue in the leggings so I paired them with a navy blue sweater with matching sweater boots. If you want you can pair them with green instead of navy blue but don't wear black. In my opinion, you should never pair navy blue with black because the colors are too close on the color spectrum. You can pair these with flats or sneakers if you want and either would go, but the boots pull the whole outfit together especially if you are going for a warm winter look. The sweater is Forever 21, the leggings are from Walmart, and the boots are Bearpaw and I got them from Masseys.

Outfit 2:

Outfit 2:
The second outfit was going to be worn just lounging around with family and having a relaxing day. It was still cold outside so I wore the fleece leggings just in case I wanted to venture out. I paired them with an oversized black sweater which was super comfortable and allowed me to relax without feeling restrained. It was a little low cut and the bagginess caused it to keep slipping down and showing my bra straps and cleavage so next time I'm relaxing indoors in this one I may wear a scarf. You can also choose to pair these leggings with a red sweater and matching red boots if you like but I wanted the red of the leggings to stand out which is why I paired them with black. Again. you can wear flats or sneakers with these leggings as well, but the boots make the outfit look warm and cozy. The sweater is from Forever 21, the leggings are from Walmart, and the boots are JustFab.