Sunday, January 31, 2016

My fall and winter outfits 9

Hello again everyone! I hope you have all had an awesome weekend. Did you get a chance to check out my picks of the week on Wednesday? If not it’s ok you can still go back and take a look. I know you have been wanting to know where I found such cute sweaters and it’s time to reveal the answer. No matter which of the 3 was your favorite, you can find them all at kohls. My decision this week wasn’t all that hard. Don’t get me wrong all of the sweaters were really cute, but there was only one that caught my attention above all the other sweaters in the entire store. The grey sweater was very shiny and I loved the way it sparkled when the light hit it. It fit very well and hung just right in the front, but it was missing that special something. You know what I mean ladies….that something that calls to you and says this is the outfit for you! The dark pink one looked great on the hanger and I love the color, but it was entirely too bulky for my frame. It looked like the sweater was wearing me instead of the other way around which is never a good thing. This sweater would better suit someone with a fuller figure.  So ladies, that only leaves one! And the winner is…

Outfit 1:

Outfit 1: Tigress’ Pick Of The Week
As soon as I saw this outfit at the store I was drawn to the color and the material. It’s a lighter fabric so it doesn’t feel too bulky when I wear it and the light pink looks really beautiful with my skin tone. It flows perfectly in the front which helps to create a slight illusion of curves to my tiny frame so this is a perfect sweater for petite women who want to appear slightly more curvy than usual. This is the perfect choice for a slightly warmer day that may still have a chill in the air. I chose to wear this outfit to church so I would look super stylish and stay warm while inside but not get too hot. This would also be great for a night out with friends or going shopping at the mall. I paired the sweater with a white camisole undershirt, skinny jeans, and white heeled booties so it has more of a dressy feel which I love. You can also wear flat boots or ballet flats in white or nude if heels aren’t your thing. The skinny jeans can also be swapped out for boot cut or flared leg jeans. The sweater is from kohls, the white camisole undershirt is Forever 21, the jeans are Walmart, and the shoes are from Shoe Dazzle online.

Outfit 2:
Outfit 2:
For my second outfit for this week I chose a sweater that was featured in my first ever picks of the week post. I couldn’t choose between the 3 that week so I ended up buying them all. I like the pattern of this sweater and I knew the black and white coloring would go perfectly with boots I already had in my wardrobe. The round shape isn’t my favorite, but it does make me look thicker than I actually am as you can clearly see in the picture I had taken of the outfit. The material is very light which was great for this weekend considering we had a nice little hot spell here in Texas. So, I was able to go out to a nice dinner and feel beautiful but not get overheated. I decided to wear this sweater with my awesome pair of black fur booted heels. These shoes never let me down when it comes to pulling an outfit together and making it look awesome! If you don’t want to wear heels I think a cute pair of ballet flats would be the next best choice. I wouldn’t wear sneakers with this one as I feel it would bring the style of the sweater down and make you look a little frumpy. I found the sweater at Walmart, the camisole undershirt is Forever 21, the jeans are also Walmart, and the boots are from JustfFab online.

Did your favorite make the cut? If not, you can always go to Kohls and buy your favorite and send me a picture of how you put the outfit together. I love feedback so as always leave me a comment or send me an email. If there is a store that you would like to see featured on a future post let me know and I’ll do my best to go shopping there as soon as I can. Be sure to check back Wednesday to see my next picks of the week post…. 


  1. Nice, lie them both. Myrna

  2. Thank you for reading my posts and for the very nice compliment :)