Friday, January 29, 2016

5 Types Of Sweaters Every Girl Needs In Her Wardrobe

When you think of winter what's one of the first things that comes to mind? If you said cold weather you are absolutely correct! Even though Spring is fast approaching it's still winter and very much most parts of the US anyway. So, with that in mind, I'd like to talk about one of my favorite articles of clothing...sweaters. No matter where you live sweaters are a fundamental part of everyone's wardrobe. Of course here in Texas I don't get to wear them for many months out of the year, but if you live further north sweaters are probably more of a constant for you. Did you know there are many different types of sweaters? When I was a little girl I called every thick, fuzzy, and warm article of clothing a sweater. It wasn't until I was older and got into fashion that I realized I was so wrong. Some of my closest friends are still under this I decided to write this article to help those of you who may not know the difference from one sweater type to another. If I wrote about all of them we might very well be here all day, so I chose 5 that I believe are essential for any girls wardrobe. 

#1. The Turtleneck
I believe over the past few years the turtleneck sweater has gotten a bad rep with the fashion industry. All we see in the magazines are super skinny models wearing these and of course they look absolutely stunning in them, but if you are a full figured woman then you know when you go to wear one of these your breasts look overly large and it can make some of you slightly uncomfortable. Even smaller breasted women feel it draws attention to their small chest and steer clear of them altogether. I'm here to tell you to stop that way of thinking. I personally feel that turtleneck sweaters look great on all figures and more women should be wearing them. The trick is finding the right turtleneck to compliment your figure. For full figured women, try the cowl neck sweater. It is a turtleneck that isn't as tight around the top so you don't feel as restricted and out there like with the more snug tops. For smaller chested girls, try a bulkier fabric. It won't hug your non existent curves and make you feel like the whole world is noticing your lack of assets. With that being said, as always you should feel comfortable in your own skin. If you are confident and don't care what others think then by all means rock whatever you want to. For my example I chose a gorgeous blue turtleneck sweater. This style is tight in the body but slightly looser towards the neckline so I feel it will flatter all figures very nicely. I paired it with a pair of skinny jeans and super cute high heeled boots to make this a stylish and dressy outfit.

#2. The Black Sweater
A black sweater is a must in every wardrobe! It doesn't matter what style the sweater is because black goes with almost anything. Black is very slimming for full figured women and with the right fabric can enhance even a petite figure. With a black sweater in your wardrobe the sky is the limit with outfit choices. You can wear any color jeans, leggings, or skirts with this so by all means go a little crazy. Buy those super cute camo pants you wouldn't normally get because you feel you have nothing to wear them with. Take a fashion risk and get those skin tight floral leggings that you're not quite sure about. On the flip side black is also very elegant. If you have a casual event coming up for work or it's cold in the office, that black sweater will work perfectly in both situations as well. Take my advice ladies, go out and get that black sweater as soon as possible. For my example I went with a cute slightly longer black sweater and a pair of awesome camo jeans. And ladies check out the boots....they are super awesome and give the whole outfit an edgy vibe which is always in style. 

#3. The Oversized Sweater
This is the sweater that you just want to curl up into and relax. It's perfect for those bitter cold days where all you want to do is stay home in front of the tv and veg out all day. It's also good for hanging out with friends or running errands at the store. This style doesn't take a lot of effort to pull off and it's very flattering for all body types. It's also the perfect sweater to wear with leggings! In my opinion it's the only type of sweater that should be worn with leggings, but like I said before rock your style how you want to. A side note, petite girls may want to pick a slightly tighter fabric with this one and make sure it hangs just past your behind in the back. You don't want to look like the sweater is wearing you. For my example I chose a gorgeous over sized green sweater and paired it with a pair of super cute floral leggings. The sweater matches the green leaves in the leggings which makes the beautiful flowers in the leggings stand out. I found these boots online and they are just about the cutest fur boots I have ever seen. The green of the boots matches the sweater perfectly which pulls the whole outfit together. This outfit is now on my must have list!

#4. The Cardigan Sweater
You can never go wrong with this type of sweater. I don't care what your body shape is, the cardigan is always flattering if you pick the right style. The super tight button down cardigans that always remind me of high school varsity sweaters are flattering for people with smaller frames. Even larger chested girls can pull these off if you want to show off your assets, which some of us ladies certainly do. Just be careful not to show too much off ladies. Leave a little something to the imagination. The bulkier cardigans that flow freely in the front go well with all body types. It helps to camouflage curves that some women may not want to show off and it helps to add bulk to a slightly smaller frame to create the illusion of more curves. Yes it's funny how that works, but trust me I've seen this sweater type on all body shapes and it does exactly that. It's multi functional. For my example I chose the bulkier cardigan in a cute blue and coral pattern that will go great with all body types. I paired it with a pair of skinny jeans and a cute pair of tan heeled hoots. This is great for those cool days when it's slightly warmer and you may want to take that sweater off halfway through the day. 

#5. The Fuzzy Sweater
There are many different shapes and sizes of fuzzy sweaters so be sure to pick one that works well with your frame. I included this in my top 5 because of the texture. This sweater is so soft to the touch and actually quite warm. I love to wear them and if I lived somewhere colder I would probably live in them year round. When it comes to fuzzy sweaters make sure not to get one that is too bulky if you have a fuller figure as it may add too much bulk to your frame. Get one that is slightly tighter and not quite as fuzzy. For smaller figured girls don't get one that is too baggy or it will swallow you. Your best bet is the cropped fuzzy. It adds just enough to make you look curvier and the short length is perfect for your frame. Be sure to pair it with a high waisted bottom to avoid showing too much tummy unless of course that is your thing. Just remember what I said before ladies...keep them guessing! For my example I chose a black fuzzy cropped sweater and paired it with a high waisted plaid mid length skirt. I love this combo. It's very classy and elegant and doesn't show too much skin. To top off the outfit I paired it with a pair of black mary jane high heels. This would be the perfect date night outfit. 

I really hope this helped you out. These 5 sweaters are, in my opinion, the ultimate must haves for every woman's wardrobe. If you already own these great! If not, get them as soon as you can. It's my mission to make sure everyone always looks and feels their best so as always if you have any questions or if you just want to leave me a comment please feel free to do so. I'm here to help you one outfit at a time.


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