Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Fall and Winter outfits 7

   Hello again! I hope everyone had a chance to view my post on Wednesday. Did you decide which of the 3 was your favorite? Are you wondering where you can get these awesome sweaters? It was a really hard decision trying to pick just one so I ended up buying all 3. I know that's terrible but what can I say I'm a bit of a shopaholic. However, only one was chosen as my absolute favorite and will be featured on today's post. First off I'd like to let you know that no matter which one you liked the most, all 3 can be found at Walmart. I chose Walmart as the first store because I do a lot of shopping there and the clothes are really cute and affordable. Second, I chose sweaters because it's still winter until March and I don't want to start shopping too early for Spring. And now for my decision....The pink and black sweater is really soft against the skin and really cute, but it hangs straight and isn't very flattering. I bought it because pink is my favorite color, but this one is not my favorite. The black and white sweater has a super cute pattern and I have several pairs of black shoes I can pair with this, but it also doesn't hang quite right so it too lost out by just a hair as my favorite. So, that leaves only one! And the winner is....

  Outfit 1

   Outfit 1: Tigress' Pick Of The Week
This brown sweater was my absolute favorite of the 3! It wasn't as soft as the pink one, but I love the way it hangs in the front and the fact that it's slightly longer in the back. I also don't have that many clothes in this color and I like my wardrobe to be very diversified. You never want to get yourself stuck in the rut of wearing the same style or color all of the time. Always change things up and try new styles so your wardrobe isn't boring. This is the perfect sweater for cooler weather and the style can be dressy or casual. I was running errands for the day so I chose the casual option. I paired this with a dark brown pair of riding boots that are really comfortable and stylish. If you want to dress it up you can wear a brown pair of heeled boots. I personally wouldn't wear sneakers with this because I feel that would make the outfit too casual and not well put together, The sweater and jeans are from Walmart, the camisole undershirt is from La'Patricia, and the shoes I found at Ross.


  Outfit 2

Outfit 2:

For my second outfit this week I chose a sweater that I already had in my wardrobe. This shredded sleeve sweater is perfect for anyone who is wanting to be more adventurous and have a more edgy look. I was planning to go out with friends and I wanted to feel spunky like a teenager again. The sweater is just long enough to pair with leggings, but if you are more comfortable in skinny jeans then wear those. Don't wear bottoms that are baggy. Since the top is not fitted wearing baggy jeans will make you look sloppy so tight jeans or leggings is the way to go with this one. I chose to pair the sweater with a pair of burgundy Dr. Martens boots. It gives the whole outfit a rocker vibe and since that's my music it was perfect for me. You can also wear sneakers with this since it's meant to be casual or a different color of boots. I wouldn't wear heeled boots with this one cause I don't think the sweater is dressy enough for that, but you can always try it out and see how it looks. The sweater is Forever 21, the blue jean leggings are Walmart, and the boots are from Journeys.

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