Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Fall And Winter Outfits 8

I hope everyone had an awesome week. Did you get a chance to check out my picks of the week on Wednesday? Are you dying to know where I found those cute sweaters? If so, the answer is TJmaxx! I love this store because they always have such awesome name brand clothes at decent prices. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for spending good money on something totally worth it but why spend it if I don't have to. My decision this week was actually very difficult. I told myself before going in the store that I was only buying one this week and I stuck to that which isn't easy for me. So, here is the breakdown of why I chose the one that I did...I love the colors in the second sweater and was instantly drawn to it, but it didn't look that good on me. It hung on my frame awkwardly and did nothing to flatter my figure so that one was out. The first and third sweaters I absolutely love! It was very hard to choose between these two. They both flattered my frame and the colors and patterns on both were super cute, but the deciding factor was the fact that I had a new pair of UGGs at home that would compliment one of the sweaters perfectly. I reluctantly returned the loser to the rack, but if it was your choice you can go to TJmaxx and purchase it and send me an email with how you made it into an outfit. And so, the winner is....
Outfit 1

Outfit 1: Tigress' Pick Of The Week
This sweater is really cute and stylish. I love the design and I knew I had the perfect shoes to go with this to create an awesome outfit. I know it may look black and white because of the lighting in the photo but in person it's navy blue and light blue. I wanted to dress it down with this one and wear my new UGGs, but you can always wear a cute pair of heeled boots instead to make it more dressy or a pair of ballet flats. Tan or navy blue shoes will look best with the color scheme and maybe even brown, but not black. If you want to recreate this look you can find the sweater at TJmaxx, the camisole undershirt at Forever 21, the jeans at Walmart, and I found the UGGs at Ross. Did you agree with my choice? Leave me a comment or send me an email. I'd really love to hear from you.

Outfit 2

Outfit 2: 
This is a sweater I've had in my collection for a bit. I absolutely love the coloring and the stripes. It's a tunic sweater so I decided to pair it with fleece lined leggings. I love how this combo works perfectly together, but if you're not a legging fan you can always wear a pair of skinny jeans. It was the perfect weather this weekend for fur boots so I decided to wear my purple bearpaws that go with the color scheme of the sweater. If you want to dress it up you can wear booted heels in a dark purple or change the leggings to black and pair it with black boots. You can also wear a cute pair of flats or perhaps even a pair of cute sneakers like Converse. I purchased this sweater from 579 before it closed, but there may still be one where you live. The leggings I found at Burkes Outlet, and the Bearpaws I got from Ross.


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