Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tigress' Top 10 Picks Of The Week

Hey everyone and happy Thursday! It's my last night of work for the week and I'm super excited to get to the awesome weekend I have ahead. Have you made plans for the weekend yet? Is there a shopping trip in your future? If so you're in luck because I have found some amazing items at a great store that I think you'll love. I've decided to modify my normal Thursday post just bit and make it a top 10 post :) Ten is such a nice round number and it's so hard to narrow the choices any lower than that. So, welcome to the first official top 10 picks of the week post!!! WOOHOO So, where did I find my picks this week?

I absolutely love Buckle!! I used to shop here all the time but recently I've been branching out and discovering new places so I haven't been able to shop here as much. One thing I love about this store is the quality of their clothing. Their stuff is top notch albeit a little pricey but well worth it when you see just how well made their stuff really is. The staff is warm and super helpful (the sales girl kept bringing me new stuff to try on that she thought I'd like) which is a big plus with me. The dressing rooms are very spacious and well lit and the overall vibe of the whole store is pretty laid back. They have a loyalty program which is pretty awesome. I ended up having enough points to get thirteen bucks off my total...SCORE! So which items made this week's top 10? 

Top 10 Picks  
There were so many great items to choose from and it was so hard to pick just 10 but after much deliberation...and help from my mom...I chose the following items:

#1-Coral lace detail shirt  
I love the color and the lace detail of this shirt. I knew for sure I was going to end up with this one, but it wasn't my favorite by far so it went back to the rack. It did look great on me and was super comfortable but I could only choose one thing :(

#2-Mixed print tank with navy blue lace trim
This is one of the shirts my mom picked out for me. It was so cute on the hanger but not so much on me so it too went back to the rack.

#3-Cream colored floral tank
I was so in love with this tank the moment I saw it but it hung weird on my frame so I sent it back. Lovely tank though. 

#4-Mutli colored embroidered tank 
Yet another of my mom's choices. My mom has pretty good taste huh?! LOL I thought this tank was really pretty but it hung too low on the sides so I decided not to get it.

#5-Blue soft fringe tank 
My mom actually picked this one as well because the fringe reminded her of the 1970s and she wanted me to try it on. It fit really well and I love the style but I don't have anything to style this shirt with so I put it back for now ;)

#6-Burnt orange tank 
I love orange of any shade so this beauty caught my eye almost immediately but the back was way too low for my taste. Maybe I need to invest in one of those mutli way bras..

#7-Magenta cross shirt 
I picked this one out because I love the color and the cross on the front adds some spice to an otherwise boring item. This shirt was my second choice and I came really close to buying my top two instead of only one...darn budgets :/ 

#8-Pink angel shirt 
I love the color pink so I really wanted this shirt to be "the one" but the sleeves kept falling down and the fit was a little off so reluctantly I put it back :( It's still an awesome shirt though! 

#9-Yellow striped lace up shirt 
This shirt reminded me of something straight out of the 1970s so of course I had to try it on. The fit was perfect but the color was a little weird on me so this one went back to the rack with all the others. 

#10-Navy blue floral camisole dress 
I know the picture makes this dress look black but it's actually navy blue. I LOVE this dress. I promised myself when I went shopping that I wouldn't buy anymore dresses for a while but as soon as I tried this one on I knew I had to have it. I'll be featuring this dress on an upcoming blog post so be sure to check it out. 

Aren't these items pretty awesome? Which one was your favorite? How would you style it? I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I hope you have an awesome Thursday and happy shopping :) 

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress 

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  1. I really love the dress you decided to pick. I also love the #8 top. Pretty color and design. A lot of great tank tops too!

    1. Thanks so much❤ yeah buckle has a lot of great items. I wish I could've bought them all

  2. I haven't been to Buckle in a while but I love these pieces!

    Greta |

    1. Thanks Greta. Yeah they have some pretty awesome stuff out right now 😊

  3. I haven't been to buckle in forever! These are all such cute picks!! I'll have to stop in now and try them on!

    1. It was the same for me Kristen. Thanks :) Hope you find the perfect one for you!