Saturday, February 4, 2017

What Are You Wearing Super Bowl Sunday?

Hey everyone and happy weekend! This post was meant to go out yesterday but it was a very busy day for me and there was simply no time, but here it is early Saturday morning and I'm sitting here with my coffee making sure this gets out before tomorrow :) So, who knows what tomorrow is?? SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!! I actually took the night off so I could stay home with my sweetie and watch the game. I'm not usually a big football fan but there's just something about the super bowl that makes me have to watch it every year...maybe it's the commercials. LOL The most important question for all my fashionistas is "what are you going to wear tomorrow"? You know we always look for any excuse to get a new outfit, right ladies? ;) Well I have realized there are two types of women on game day...well technically 3 but the third is the one who hates football and doesn't care to dress the part so we will skip that one LOL...the first is the girl who loves football so much she has to wear a jersey and roots for the team right along with the guys and then there's the second type who just buys cute little team inspired accessories to show team spirit without going overboard. No matter which type you are or what team you're rooting for this year I have some ideas for what you could wear on game day...

Sports Fanatic
We all know these girls when we see them...hanging with the guys and screaming at the TV screen like a lunatic. LOL It's all good I love your enthusiasm and I know what you will be wearing on game day as well...a jersey!! No sports fanatic ever goes to a big game event without wearing her team's jersey so I have chosen two different outfits for both teams to give you an idea of how to simply style your jersey and still look super cute and casual. The first example is for the New England Patriots fan: I have chosen an official super bowl jersey and paired it with some skinny jeans and a pair of classic adidas. Just a cute simple outfit that makes you feel like one of the guys without actually looking like it. The second example is for the Atlanta Falcons fan: I also chose the official super bowl jersey and paired it with a darker pair of skinny jeans but this time I chose a cute pair of red converse instead. I love this outfit!! It's super comfy and casual so you can relax while watching the game with the guys :) You can shop the Patriots look HERE and the Falcons look HERE.

Subtle Supporter
This is definitely the category I fall into. I love having an excuse to buy cute new accessories but I'm not so into sports that I would wear a jersey. So, the solution is simple...wear team colors and choose one team accessory to wear with your outfit. If you're a Patriots fan then you want to wear something dark blue and maybe one of the super cute accessories I have chosen for my first example to go with it. There's a super cute charm bracelet, a purse by Doonie & Burke, a Patriots hat, a cute pair of earrings, and a watch. I would definitely choose the bracelet on this one. It's a great fashion accessory that shows off team spirit in a nice subtle way. If you're a Falcons fan then you should wear something red with one of the adorable accessories I have chosen in my second example. You can choose from these super cute earrings, this stretch bracelet, yet another awesome Doonie & Burke purse, this pretty watch, or this gorgeous scarf. I would sport the scarf for sure on this one only with a black top instead of red. You can shop the Patriots accessories HERE and the Falcons accessories HERE.

Which team's colors will you be wearing this year? Any predictions on who the winner will be? I'm going to go with the Patriots on this one...sorry Falcons fans but I really think the Patriots are going to take it this year. It may be a close one though. I'd love to hear your super bowl predictions so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Be sure to spread the love and share this post with all your friends who would love some cute game day inspirations. I hope you have an amazing weekend and happy shopping :)

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress

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