Sunday, December 13, 2015

Party Dresses

outfit 1:

Outfit 1:
It is that time of the year...Christmas party time! Whether it is a family get together or a company function, it is always important to dress your best. This is the outfit I chose for my company Christmas party. It is not an overly formal event, but everyone usually dresses quite nice. I wanted my outfit to be sexy and sassy, but not over the top. This velvet dress was the perfect choice for the occasion. Velvet is always a good material for fall and winter because it is very warm and wears well even on those cold and dreary days. The black velvet heels perfectly compliment the dress. You can also wear a cute pair of wedges or maybe even a pair of flats if the height of the shoe is an issue for you, but whichever shoe you choose make sure the color is black. I toyed with the idea of matching my shoes with a color from the floral pattern in the dress, but since this was a nice event black was the way to go. The dress I found on the clearance rack at Forever 21 for $13 and the shoes I purchased online from Sheikh on sale for around $25.

Outfit 2:
Outfit 2:

The second Christmas party for this year was a church party. I was told the dress code was smart casual, but seeing as I have never heard this term before I decided to dress it up a bit. I ended up being a little too dressy for the occasion as compared with the attire worn by everyone else, but there is nothing wrong with adding some flair to any event. Red is always a good choice to wear to a Christmas party and I was in good company seeing as the majority of the room was filled with red shirts and sweaters, but if you want to stand out I suggest going with a green or gold which is what I plan to do next time. This dress is the perfect red version of the little black dress and everyone should own at least one dress in this color. I chose to pair the dress with nude heels because I believe nude is the perfect color to wear with red. You can also pair this dress with gold or silver shoes, but black is way too harsh to wear with red unless there is black in the dress already or you wear a black sash. I found this dress at Styles for Less for only $15 and the shoes are from Payless and I believe I only paid about $25

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