Monday, November 21, 2016

Must Have Monday

Happy Monday everyone!! Normally I'd be really bummed about it being Monday but, Thursday is Thanksgiving and I have the day off so I'm really excited to get this week started so I can get to all the fun :) What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Big family dinner? Quiet day at home? I have been chosen to be the cook this year and everyone is coming to my house so there won't be a quiet day at home for me. It's ok though because I love hosting parties and dinners so I can't wait. Normally I go to someone's house for Thanksgiving and I get all dressed up and bring along some awesome accessories to show off but this year I'm wearing something comfy and cool (since I'll be in the kitchen all morning). For today's Must Have Monday post I decided to choose items that I'd love to show off if I were going out for Thanksgiving. These 5 accessories are super adorable and I know you'll love them as much as I do...

Must Haves
1-Fall scarf (Travel Smith, $59)
2-UGG boots (Victoria's secret, $205)
3-Fox purse (Claires, $12)
4-Leaf earrings (Plukka, $1700)
5-Thanksgiving cell phone case (Amazon, $15)

I'm beyond obsessed with scarves this season and I'm loving the colors in this one. There is a perfect blend of neutral colors to this scarf and it would be easy to pair with just about anything. This particular one is a little pricey but you can always find one on Amazon for way cheaper and probably just as cute. Showing this beauty off at Thanksgiving will make you look super stylish and trendy :) I have 2 pairs of UGGs and many more pairs that look similar but have a different name. This particular pair I have in blue and I only paid $80 for them at Ross. The only downside to Ross and all other stores like it is they are always a hit or miss kinda place. Just because your bff finds something amazing doesn't mean you'll be able to find the same thing when you go back. BUT if you do happen to find a pair of these beauties then buy them because Ross is the cheapest place I have found. These will be so stylish and comfy to show off at Thanksgiving ;) I LOVE this adorable little fox purse. I want it soooo bad and it's only $12. I may have to swing by Claires and see if they have any more. This will show off your fun side at Thanksgiving and everyone will be obsessing over your new bag :) These leaf earrings are gorgeous!! I think they are so perfect for a large fall gathering like Thanksgiving dinner and of course any other time you want to get dressed up this year. This particular pair is real gold with diamonds and therefore very expensive but I'm sure you can find a cute knockoff that will look just as great. Wearing these beauties will tell everyone how much you love fall ;) AHHHH another cell phone case!! I know I always add one, but there are soooo many different ones that it's hard not to. This Happy Thanksgiving one is so adorable and makes you look very festive when you use it. If I could I'd change my cell phone case with every new outfit I wore, but that won't be possible for a while LOL :) You can shop all these items HERE

Aren't these items awesome?! Which one is your favorite? What's your favorite accessory to show off on Thanksgiving? I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Be sure to spread the love by sharing this post with all your friends who would love these accessories as much as I do. I hope you have an amazing Monday and happy shopping :)

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress

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  1. I love that scarf! And those earrings are so pretty!

    1. Thanks❤ I love them both too. The earrings are a bit too pricey for me though lol