Friday, November 25, 2016

The Ultimate Guide To Shopping For A Fashionista

Happy Black Friday everyone!! I know this post is SUPER late but I was out black Friday shopping all day and I quite literally just got home. How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was amazing!! I hosted and all the food turned out delicious (THANK GOD) and I enjoyed spending some much needed time with friends and family. Now it's time to get ready for Christmas, my absolute favorite holiday of the year!! Christmas shopping is the reason I was up at 6am hitting up all the stores until the money ran out. LOL Who else ventured out last night and/or this morning to take advantage of all the amazing sales that were going on everywhere? Did you find what you were looking for or is there someone on your Christmas list that is super hard to buy for? Whether you know a fashionista or are one yourself I have come up with the perfect gift ideas that will make any fashionista smile...we are quite simple to please actually ;) 

#1-A New Watch
What fashionista wouldn't love a new watch for Christmas? We love to always look pretty and show off some bling so getting a watch makes us super happy. There are so many styles to choose from so make sure you pick one that best represents your fashionista. I am currently obsessing over a gorgeous Kate Spade watch myself so we shall see if Santa brings it to me. LOL I have given you some examples of the cutest watches I have seen this season :) You can shop all these beauties HERE!

#2-A New Purse
Just like the watch, a purse is something us fashionistas can carry on our arm and show off so it's the perfect accessory item for us. I'm actually on the hunt right now for a cute leopard purse for an outfit I'm planning to wear. Wish me luck ;) Below are some examples of purses that I know any fashionista would love to have under the tree. You can shop for these HERE!

#3-A New Scarf
Scarves are THE hottest accessory right now! Everyone is wearing them and I'm personally obsessed and can't stop buying them. A pretty scarf would be the perfect gift for that fashionista in your life and they're not too expensive either. You can shop all the scarves pictured HERE!

#4-A New Sweater
I LOVE getting sweaters for Christmas. Especially if they are a pretty color and not wool (I'm allergic). Buying a fashionista a new sweater will certainly make her happy, just remember to get the size right. Nothing is more annoying then opening the most adorable sweater then realizing you can't wear it. Oh well that's why they have gift receipts I guess. LOL These sweaters pictured are all super cute and you can shop them HERE!

#5-A New Coat/Jacket
I live in Texas so I might get to wear a coat maybe twice a year and a jacket for only a few months of the year, but that doesn't mean I don't like them. For those fashionistas who live in colder areas a coat or jacket would be the perfect Christmas gift. Nothing cramps a style more than shivering the whole time you're out. You can shop these amazing coats/jackets HERE!

#6-A New Pair Of Boots
Now here's something I can wear and trust me I do!! Boots are the hottest footwear right now and buying your fashionista a pair of them will not only keep her feet warm but it will also make her happy. Just be sure to get the size right on these as well. I received a beautiful pair of purple UGGs last Christmas and they were too big AND I was unable to return them :( A new pair of boots IN HER SIZE will be a great gift indeed. You can shop these amazing boots HERE!

#7-A New Beauty Bath Set
These are my favorite things to buy for other fashionistas for Christmas. You can't go wrong with a good smelling bath set. I don't think I've ever not liked one of these I got for a present either. You can find awesome deals at Bath and Body Works or even Walmart who has bath sets as low as $5! Fashionistas love pampering themselves so this is a great gift idea for that special fashionista in your life. You can shop all these sets HERE!

#8-A New Pair Of Pajamas
Yes, we still love to look good even while lounging around the house so a new pair of super cute pajamas is always a great gift idea. The best thing about pajamas is there's always a cuter pair somewhere so if you accidentally grab the wrong size she can return them for either the same ones or a pair she likes better. You can shop all these beautiful pajama sets HERE!

#9-A New Pair Of Fuzzy Socks
Or two...or three!! Fuzzy socks are so soft and comfortable that I can NEVER have too many pairs of them. In fact I told everyone that's what I wanted for Christmas. The best part about fuzzy socks is how cheap they are. I've seen them as low as $4 a pair and sometimes you can find a pack of 3 for $5! So go ahead and buy a bunch of fuzzy socks for your fashionista. Her feet will thank you and besides you can't have new pajamas without new socks. LOL You can shop all these fuzzy socks HERE!

#10-A New Throw Blanket
I seriously think I have around 20 or so of these blankets but I always want more! Fashionistas like to curl up in front of the tv with their pajamas, socks, and a soft throw blanket and watch a movie just like everyone else so why not get her a beautiful throw blanket for Christmas. You can't get the size wrong with these and any color will do. I've picked some throw blankets that are really pretty and linked them all for you HERE

What are you planning to buy for the fashionista in your life? Which of these is your go-to present when shopping for women in general? What do YOU want for Christmas? I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Be sure to spread the love and share this post with all your friends who have a fashionista to shop for this Christmas. I hope you have an amazing weekend and happy shopping :) 

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress

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