Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Colorful Scarf

Happy hump day everyone!! Only two more nights of work for me then I have to start getting my house ready for the awesome Halloween party I'm hosting on Saturday. I'm so excited :) I was also thrilled that Texas had some nice fall weather this past weekend. I'm so tired of all this heat and not being able to wear all the cute scarves I bought recently. But, last Friday I took full advantage of the cooler weather and broke out this beautiful multi-colored scarf that I've had for about a month now. My sweetie and I were traveling to Austin so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear the cute outfit I had in mind to go with this awesome scarf!! So, where did I find this scarf and where can you snag one for yourself?

The Scarf
This scarf wasn't something I purchased on accident. I actually went on eBay looking for an infinity scarf with some orange in it because of my new neon orange Converse sneakers that my dad got me for my birthday this past August. I knew I didn't want a solid orange scarf but something with lots of beautiful colors in it that had orange as one of the colors. The reason for this is because I want to be able to wear this scarf with many different outfits and because neon orange is so hard to match. One could argue that this scarf doesn't exactly match the shoes I'm wearing and I'd have to agree, but I wanted it that way. Had I purchased a neon orange scarf I would've been very limited on what I could wear with it and now I have multiple options. This beautiful scarf has a mix of orange, blue,and burgundy to only name a few colors. I love it because I actually have a cute pair of burgundy booties that will go perfect with this scarf as well and for only $10 I thought it was a steal! Unfortunately you can no longer find this beauty on eBay but I've linked a similar scarf for you below. So, how did I end up styling this scarf and how can you change it up to match your style?

My Style 
I wanted to keep my outfit super comfortable and casual since I'd be spending a lot of time in the car (Austin is about a 3 hour drive from my house one way) so I went with a super soft and warm black sweater, my light blue Hollister jeans, and my new neon orange Converse sneakers. I love this sweater! It's extremely soft and I was very warm and comfortable in it. You can find this cutie at Walmart for less than $10. These jean leggings are the perfect jeans for me. I think Hollister jeans are quickly becoming my favorite and now I need a few more pairs. LOL I have been wanting a pair of neon orange Converse sneakers since I first saw them at Journeys a while ago. This color is more summer than fall so I am happy to say my dad got them on sale for $39 instead of the usual $50 that Converse sneakers sell for. I love the way this outfit came together and that my sneakers stood out above everything else :) If you'd like to style this scarf differently then the sky is the limit. I think next time I wear it I'll pair it with a black dress and some burgundy booties which will bring it from casual to dressy and show just how versatile this cutie really is. You can also wear this scarf with skinny jeans and booties and of course many different other outfit combinations. Let your imagination run wild with this one. LOL

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Have you been able to wear your fall scarves where you live? What's your favorite fall scarf right now? Did you like how I styled this particular scarf? How would you style it differently? I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Be sure to spread the love by sharing this post with all your friends who would love this beautiful scarf. I hope you have an amazing hump day and happy shopping :) 

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress

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