Thursday, June 30, 2016

Tigress' Picks Of The Week

Happy Thursday everyone 😃 This is my last night of work for the week and I couldn't be happier. This week has tried my patience and worked my nerves but finally the end is here. Have you thought about what you want to do for the weekend? I'm going to a friend's birthday party on Friday then Saturday I might get to go to the botanical garden if it doesn't rain and last my Sweetie's friends are having a get together on Sunday. Busy busy weekend and I'm so looking forward to it 😎 For my shopaholics reading this I'm sure you're ready to get out there and do some shopping so today I have picked out some great items at a store you may pass by at the mall all the time...well now it's time to venture inside. What store am I talking about?

I used to shop at Sears all the time. It's been a few years since I've shopped there for clothes though so I decided to give it a  shot and see if there was anything worthwhile that I needed to have in my life. I must say I remember the clothing section being a lot larger than it is now and the selection was a bit more varied but for the most part it was a decent experience. They still feature the same designers as they did years ago...Joe Boxer, Bongo...but the clothes are well made and they are always having a sale so I was happy 😄 While there I picked out nine items that I think are amazing and must haves for your summer wardrobe...

What's Trending Right Now At Sears
Like I said before there wasn't a huge selection to choose from but I was able to find some pretty cool stuff to show you. All the shirts I tried on were super cute but only the grey and white striped tank fit me which was kind of a bummer since that pink tank is super trending right now. I loved the jeans but I needed one size bigger than what I took into the dressing room which tells me that brand is made small. The dresses were all sooo cute!!! I had the hardest time deciding between all four of them especially since the little turtle print dress was simply adorable but in the end I went home with the blue and white floral dress because it looks super retro 😎 and I love the retro style. I've linked all the items below for you so whichever one is your favorite you can snag it with ease 😆 Please note that certain items are no longer available online so I linked a similar item for you instead...

Grey and white striped tank
Magic touch T-shirt
Distressed skinny jeans
Pink I like you tank
Navy blue tank
Blue and white floral dress
Navy blue floral cami dress
Red turtle print tank dress
Black floral tank dress

Aren't these items super cute? Which one is your favorite? How would you style these? I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Thursday and happy shopping🛍

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress ❤

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  1. All of them look adorable! I specially like the red tank dress.. it feels like it would be perfect for the summer. I love anything that can move when the wind blows. It makes me feel like I am in a movie. Love your style!

    1. Thanks so much Nicole😊 I agree I love dresses that flow with the wind...

  2. Very cute! Love the graphic tank!


    1. Thanks 😊 I loved it too just not the way it looked on me... perhaps I tried on the wrong size lol it's been known to happen πŸ˜‰