Friday, June 17, 2016

What Your Dad Really Wants For Father's Day

Who knows what this Sunday is?? For those of you who have been living under a rock it's Father's Day weekend and we all know what that means...a scramble to find the perfect gift for your dad. What does the word father mean to you? Is it simply the man who gave you life or does it mean so much more? When I think of my father there are so many great memories that come to mind. Our little fishing trips when I was a kid and the countless times we watched action movies while eating grapefruits on the couch...yes grapefruits lol. All the times my dad was there to wipe away the tears when an evil boy broke my heart. The encouraging words and yes even the discipline. All of these memories I'll cherish my whole entire life. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have an amazing father in their lives so I'm extremely thankful to God for putting an awesome man in my life who I call Pooh Bear that I know always has my best interest at heart and loves me unconditionally. The word father means so much more than being just a sperm donor. Anyone can give life to a child, it takes a real man to stick around for the long haul and be a role model for their sons and to set the standard for their daughters that only an amazing man in the future will ever live up to. So for those of you who were blessed with an amazing father be sure to take some time this weekend and let them know just how much they mean to you. Really put some thought into the gift you buy them or the words you are going to say. If you're totally confused on what to do for your dad this weekend think about the type of man he is. To help you out I have come up with 5 father's day gift ideas for 5 different types of fathers. You're welcome ;)

#1: Sports Dad
Does your dad love sports? Is he always watching “the game” on tv and shouting at it like a madman? Does he love wearing sports memorabilia of his favorite team? If the answer is yes to these questions then you have the ultimate sports dad. Sure you could get him another hat or jersey to go with the hundred others he already has or you could do something extra special for him this year and take him to an actual live game. Baseball is in season right now all across the US so why not get tickets for the two of you and go spend a day together eating hot dogs and watching the one guy throwing the ball to the other guy with the stick thing. LOL. So what if you hate sports?! It's not about what you want, it's about what will put a huge smile on your dads face. When I take my dad to see games I always play just a bit dumb and have him explain to me what's going on. I know it's a pitcher and a batter but Pooh Bear doesn't need to know that. Explaining the game makes him happy and therefore makes me happy. For my readers in the Houston area, Astros tickets are still on sale for this whole weekend :)

#2: Comic Nerd Dad
Does your dad watch cartoons? Is your dad obsessed with super hero movies? Can your dad name all the Marvel and DC characters? If so you have a comic nerd dad. While this doesn't apply to my father it does apply to my boyfriend so if we ever have kids I know exactly what to do for him HAHA. You can buy your dad another super hero t-shirt or maybe even take him to see the new X-Men movie but if you really want to surprise him this year take him to a comic book convention. This weekend Houston is having it's annual Comicpalooza comic convention and if your dad loves comics and super heroes then getting him tickets to this would make his year. If you miss this one there's always one in some part of the world so maybe you can catch the next one around, but by all means if you're able to make it out this weekend do it. I'm taking my boyfriend on Saturday and I have a feeling it's going to be a blast.

#3: Outdoor Dad
Would your dad rather spend all his time outside? Does he enjoy all the manly activities like hunting and fishing? Does he love camping out and bonfires? If so then you have an outdoor dad. Sure you can buy him another fishing pole or even a gun which I'm sure he would absolutely love, but why not make it a one on one weekend and actually take your dad on a camping or hiking trip? Imagine it...the two of you hiking through the mountains discovering the beautiful scenery then relaxing next to a bonfire at night roasting marshmallows and sleeping under the stars. Does this sound like a nightmare to you? Even if it's not your idea of the perfect weekend the main thing is your dad will love it and that's so much more important than our own feelings. Besides it's just one weekend so you can make that sacrifice for your dad. If you simply don't have the time to spare for a weekend trip a nice day hike through the woods or mountains would make a great father's day gift as well.

#4: Fashion Dad
Does your dad love shopping for new clothes? Is he always worried about his appearance and asking you a million times if his tie is straight? Does he know name brands? If so you have a fashion dad. My dad is somewhat into fashion except he doesn't buy himself expensive clothes but dear lord does he ever wear the heck out of his cologne. LOL You could always give him a gift card and let him buy what he wants or pick some random item out at the store and hope he likes it...make sure to have a gift receipt...or you could make it an outing and take him shopping. You could take him to his favorite store and tell him to pick out whatever he wants and you got it or if you're on a budget take him to a store like Ross or Marshalls and that way you know you can afford whatever he picks out. The main thing is you're spending the day together and quality time is so much more important than any gift no matter how expensive. And who knows you may find something for yourself while you're there. HAHA

#5: Foodie Dad
Does your dad love to cook? Is he always wanting to try all the newest restaurants in town? Does he eat slowly and savor every single flavor that he tastes? If so then you have a foodie dad. You can always give him a gift card or invite him over for dinner at your place but why not take it a step further and take him to that new restaurant he's been dying to try or better yet schedule a cooking class for the two of you...yes apparently that's a thing now. Either way you are out together and spending some much needed quality time with each other. After the meal throw in a surprise trip to the movies and heck there are even some movie theaters now that serve you dinner as you watch your show. How cool is that?! That would be a great experience for the two of you and it kills two birds with one stone so it's a WIN. This is what I did for my dad this year. I took him out to eat at his favorite restaurant and we had a long nice talk about old times. It was so nice to spend time with Pooh Bear and I plan to do so again very soon.

Have you decided what you're going to do for your dad this year? Were my ideas helpful? One thing to remember...even though this one particular day is set aside to honor and thank our fathers for being so awesome at being dads let's not forget that there are 364 other days in the year and you should always make time to hang out with your dad. So if you love some of these ideas but just can't make it happen this weekend make a phone call and tell your dad you love him and that you're planning to do something with him soon then actually go through with it. You only have one father in this lifetime and it doesn't matter if this is the person who gave you life or not. Always honor the man who raised you and make time for him throughout the year because you never know when one day you will wake up and he will no longer be there. For my friends who have lost their father just take a few moments this weekend and remember him. Speak to him with your heart. Tell other people stories of the two of you. This way your father will always live on through you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY :)

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress

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  1. We celebrate my husband on father's day - he is such a wonderful father, and I love him more as I watch him with our children. We aren't big on gifts, but I am planning on getting him a few rounds of golf :-)

    1. I hope your hubby has a very happy Father's day and I'm sure he will love those rounds of golf 😉

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    1. You're welcome... thanks for reading 🙄😉

  3. Nice! My dad literally told me he just wants to do nothing lol.

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