Friday, May 6, 2016

10 Things Every Mother Wants For Mother's Day

With only two days left to shop for mother's day many of you are frantically trying to decide what exactly would be the best gift for your mom. There are so many choices out there that it can be quite overwhelming to say the least. You want this gift to be special. This is your mom! This is the one who was there for you when you had no one else and she will always be there for you until she takes her last breath. My mom has gotten me through some pretty rough things in my life and I will always be thankful for her wisdom and kindness even though sometimes we fought pretty hard in my teen years. This is one of the biggest reasons I always make such a big deal out of mother's day. It is a wonderful day that is set aside each year to show our moms just how much we love them and it's also a big THANK YOU for putting up with our crap. So, what are you planning on getting this amazing woman? If you haven't quite decided just yet I have thought of 10 different ideas that would be great gifts for your mom and I'm sure she will love at least one of them.

#1 Flowers and a card
The most traditional mother's day gift of all time is flowers and a card. Growing up this is what I got my mom every single year. It's an amazing gift and a great way to tell your mom you love her but for me it's a little too cliche. The most popular flower purchased for mothers each year is the carnation. While this is a beautiful flower that comes in a variety of colors, try switching it up just a bit and get her some lilies or gardenias. Better yet, find out what her favorite flowers are and get her a bouquet of those. Whatever you do don't skip the mother's day card. Flowers are great but the card gives you a chance to write down exactly how you feel and unlike the flowers it won't whither away and die. It's something she can save through the years and cherish forever. You can purchase flowers and a card from any floral shop or even places like Walmart or the drug store. Everyone is selling flowers right now so you should have no problem finding your mom the perfect bouquet.


#2 Jewelry 
I don't think I've ever met a woman who doesn't love jewelry. Whether it's expensive diamonds or a beautiful costume piece, she's sure to love it if it comes from you. A nice watch is also a great gift idea especially one with a gorgeous design or jewels on it. My mother has gotten a few pieces of jewelry on this day from my father over the years and she always gets a huge smile on her face when she opens the package. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing my mom's beautiful smile. Be sure to get her something she will love. Some women love huge statement pieces like my mom and others like more subtle classic pieces. You can get jewelry from a store like Kays or Jared but it might be a little costly or you can find costume jewelry from Charming Charlie or Sam Moon to name only a few.

#3 A spa day
Who doesn't want to be pampered for a whole day?! Any mom would love to receive a spa day as a gift. After all she did put up with you and your siblings for many years of her life and probably still deals with a certain amount of stress from you so show her you care about her by giving her a day of ultimate relaxation. If you and your mom are really close then join her for the spa day and make it a mother/daughter outing. I'm sure she will be forever grateful but she might very well get spoiled and expect it next year too. Locally we have a spa called massage envy that I've heard is really amazing. You can look it up and see if they have one in your area and if not I'm sure there is another spa somewhere close by.

#4 A mani/pedi
All true fashionistas want to keep their nails on fleek and I'm sure the same goes for your mom. Even if she doesn't normally get her nails done then treat her to a special mani/pedi session so her hands and feet will look amazing for at least a few weeks anyway. Tell her she can have any color or style she wants and even spring for the amazing designs that are offered just to show her how much she means to you. I go to a nail salon called first for nails but I'm sure there are many different places for you to choose from. Be sure to read the reviews before deciding where to take your mom because I have heard of horror stories about nail fungus from certain salons and nobody wants that so make sure you take her to a place with good reviews and you should be fine.

#5 Electronics
Everyone loves electronic gadgets as gifts anytime of the year so why would mother's day be any different? Moms like to play on Ipads and Ipods too but most people want to think of moms as little old ladies in the kitchen and that's why most gift ideas in the stores are geared towards kitchen appliances and floral arrangements. My mom specifically asked my dad for a tablet so she can play her games. This is the 21st century and moms are with the times now too so get them an awesome tablet or mp3 player so they can enjoy the same things we do and maybe they can make new friends on social media as well as listen to all the latest new music. If you absolutely love apple products then by all means splurge on an Ipad or Ipod but they do have simple android tablets and mp3 players that are a lot cheaper and work just as well. Check your local electronics store for more details and any sales they may be having.

#6 Purses and wallets
This is my favorite gift to receive no matter what holiday it is and this is what my father got my mom for mother's day this year. Most women carry a purse so getting a new one that they didn't have to pay for is always a treat and they are sure to get plenty of use out of this gift. Be sure to get a matching wallet to go with the purse so your mom's accessories look very polished and well put together. I love having wallets that perfectly match my purse because it makes me feel balanced and in control even though I have no idea as to why. I'm sure your mom would love to feel the same way so get her a cute matching set for mother's day and I'm sure she will love it! You can find matching sets at any department store or designer store so be sure to shop at one of those places for this gift. I suggest Macy's because they have a lot of nice name brand matching sets and they are always having amazing sales.

#7 Gift cards
I cards are very generic and not very personable but there are some mothers who love to shop. I would actually prefer to receive several different gift cards as gifts for every occasion just so I can get my shopping on. If you want to make a gift card for your mom more personable then take her shopping at the store you bought her the card from. This is a great way for you to spend time with your mom while she picks out her own present and you know she will love whatever she gets. It's a win for you and her! Be sure to get her a card from her favorite store not just something you think she might like. Does she like makeup? If so get her a card from Sephora. Does she love candles and body lotion? Get her a card from Bath and Body Works. If you don't know her favorite store or what she might like then the VISA gift card is a great second choice because it will work practically everywhere. You can find these gift cards at all drug stores and Walmart has them too.

#8 Dinner
If you don't get to spend that much time with your mom or you just don't want to get her any old gift, you can take her out to eat for mother's day. This is one of my favorite things to do with my mom each year. We usually go to Joe's Crab Shack because my mom loves their food and my dad is allergic to seafood so he can't take her there. So, find out what her favorite restaurant is and make plans with her to eat there. Be sure to make a reservation if it's a high end place and they require one. You don't want to get all the way there and have a disappointed mom because you didn't plan out the evening correctly. I'm sure you would never make that mistake so if this is your mother's day gift of choice I hope you and your mom enjoy your dinner and have a great time. FYI...Hard Rock Cafe is giving mothers who dine in on mother's day a free outrageous fudge brownie sundae with the purchase of a entree.

#9 Movie night
There are several good movies out in theaters right now and as a good alternative gift idea to flowers you can take your mom to see a movie. Last night was the premier of Civil War and it was amazing! So, if your mom's into super hero movies this would be a great movie to take her to see. Another cute movie out right now is The Jungle Book which is kind of a kids movie but not really so if this would be more to your moms liking then take her to see that one instead. This is another one of those personable dates where you actually get to spend some time with your mom so make the most of it and splurge for the large popcorn and icee! This will be a day your mom will remember forever. You can look up the show times of all the movies out right now on your local theater's website and also check to see if they have any discounts for mother's day.

#10 Botanical Gardens
Instead of one small bouquet of flowers for mother's day why don't you take your mom to a beautiful park or a botanical garden and let her see hundreds of them. While she can't take these home, she will be able to take as many pictures of these gorgeous flowers as she likes and you can even get a fellow garden lover to take a pic of the two of you together next to a beautiful garden scene. You will have a great picture memory that will last forever and of course your mom will have a blast looking at all the amazing flower arrangements. If you live in the Houston area the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center is free and absolutely lovely so it would be a great choice for a visit with your mom. For parks and botanical gardens near you just do a quick google search and you will be ready to go.

Whether you plan to buy your mom a gift or spend some quality time with her, make sure you do it from the heart. You will only have one mom in this life so always show her how much you care especially on mother's day. My mother means the world to me and I'll do whatever I can to make this day extra special just for her. I hope I was able to help you decide what to get for your mom this mother's day with one of these great ideas. What are you planning to get your mother? Is is something not on this list? I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions so leave me a comment and maybe I'll have a new idea on what to get my mom next year. I hope you have a wonderful mother's day and be safe.

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress <3
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  1. Uh yes!!! I would be thrilled with any of these gifts!

    1. I totally knew it 😉 lol hopefully you get something amazing

  2. I'm only an animal mom - but I would sure love a spa day! Great references!