Saturday, May 28, 2016

What To Wear For Memorial Day Weekend

What comes to mind when you think of memorial day weekend? Is it time off work? How about that get together at your friends house you've been planning for the last several weeks? Perhaps your taking your family to the local water park to kick off the summer season! No matter what your plans are you want to make sure you dress your best. Since memorial day is set aside each year to honor the service men or women who have been killed in active duty we should certainly wear our military colors this weekend to show we care. I have chosen 5 outfits that I think would be great for all those different holiday weekend activities you have planned and I stayed with the red, white, and blue color scheme to honor our heroes :)

#1 Barbeque/Outdoor get together
I love being invited to and hosting a barbeque on a holiday weekend. Memorial day and barbeques tend to go hand in hand especially here in the south. There's no better way to kick off the summer season than to cook up some steaks and hamburgers on the grill and soak up some of the wonderful warm air. So what do you wear to one of these outdoor get togethers? First of all you want to make sure you wear something super comfortable. You may be standing a lot and eating a ton of food so wear something with some breathing room and make sure your foot attire will last the whole day. Secondly you want something with a thin breathable material so you don't get too hot. Last but not least you want to stick with the holiday colors and wear something traditional. It doesn't have to have the American flag on it but at least matching the colors would be nice. For my example I chose a cute pair of red shorts and paired them with a white tank with a cherry pattern and red sandals. I think wearing fruit on ones clothing really screams SUMMER and cherries match the red scheme perfectly so this tank is absolutely wonderful. If you'd like to recreate this look click on the polyvore link below to get all the outfit details.


#2 Lake/Water Park
Probably the second most popular thing to do memorial day weekend is go to the lake or a water park. This is another great way to kick off the summer season and stay cool in the process. If you have a boat you can even have an awesome party right out on the lake or go tubing which is one one my favorite things to do. For those of you hitting up the water park be sure to take plenty of sunscreen and enjoy those thrilling rides and slides :) You can also show your support while swimming by wearing a swimsuit matching the holiday colors. I have found 3 super cute and fashionable swimsuits that will make you look amazing and help you show your support for our fallen service men and women. The first one is an old pinup style one piece in red, white, and blue that will look good on just about anyone especially my curvy girls out there. Holla! The second one is just a simple red bikini that will make any woman look like a knockout. Just make sure you have plenty of courage before putting on this tiny thing. The third one is an off the shoulder navy blue one piece that will work with any body type and is really trending right now. All of these swimsuits will go great with a straw purse and flip flops. If you like any of these you can click on the polyvore link below to get the outfit details.


#3 Movie Date/Dinner Date
Let's face it, some of you are simply going to enjoy the time off with your sweetie and probably just hit up a movie or go out for a nice dinner. There's absolutley nothing wrong with that. I plan to get in a dinner date with my love as well so by all means go enjoy your weekend and have a margarita for me ;) There's actually a pretty awesome place close to where I live that offers dinner while watching your movie. If there's one near you and you haven't had the pleasure of visiting this place yet you should do that this weekend. Even though this isn't considered a memorial day event you can still show your support by wearing something that fits into the color scheme. For my example I chose a gorgeous navy blue peasant blouse and paired it with white skinny jeans and a pair of navy blue heels. You will look sleek and stylish in this outfit and since you will be sitting down most of the night it's okay to wear those heels. If you'd like to learn the details on this outfit be sure to click the polyvore link below.


#4 Shopping/Strolling through town
One awesome thing about memorial day weekend is all the sales that will be going on! For all my shopoholics out there get your credit cards ready for some great deals this weekend! Even if you don't want to spend too much money you can still stroll through town and check out all the shops...we call that window shopping. It's a great way to spend time with friends or your sweetie and get some exercise in as well. Again you can show your support to our fallen heroes by dressing in the traditional memorial day colors. For my example I chose an adorable red sundress and paired it with white sandals and white accessories. The dress is lightweight which will keep you cool and the cute hat I added will make you super stylish and protect your delicate skin from the sun. I added this one for all my pale skin sisters out there! If you'd like to purchase any of these items just click the polyvore link below and you can get all the details from there.


#5 Parade/Museum
You can never forget the memorial day parades that will be going on in cities all over the country this weekend. These are really popular with parents who want to take their kids to see pretty floats and possibly catch some candy in the proccess. Also, there will be museums offering special rates or exhibits for you to bring your family to. Both of these are great ways to enjoy the holiday weekend and heck if the parade is early enough in the day you could even do both. Woohoo!! As well as with the other 4 you want to be sure to dress in the holiday weekend color scheme but be sure to wear something lightweight for the parade but warm enough for that cold museum. For my example I chose the cutest pair of blue and white striped shorts and paired them with a blue camisole tank and blue sandals. Be sure to bring a cardigan for your trip to the museum though. You could really switch it up and wear a red shirt and sandals to bring out all the colors but I have an OCD about matching my patterns and colors so I'll stick with the blue. LOL To recreate this look be sure to click on the polyvore link below to get all the outfit details.


So have you decided what you want to do this memorial day weekend? I plan to do a little shopping and a dinner date myself but no matter what you decide to do let's be mindful of what this holiday is really about. To all my readers who have lost loved ones in active duty I'd like to say I'm sorry for your loss and thank you to your loved one for giving up their life so we can all be free. I'll show my support this weekend...will you?! I'd love to know what your doing and wearing this memorial day weekend so leave me a comment and let me know what your plans are. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday weekend and as always happy shopping!

Goodbye for now...fashionable tigress <3


  1. These are really cute weekend ideas for the whole summer, actually!

  2. I love the strolling through town outfit! That dress is totally me :) lol

  3. Great outfits! I love the cherry top in the first outfit and the summer bag in the second! -- Amy @

    1. Those are both great choices. You could wear them together :)