Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Floral Bodycon Dress

Happy hump day everyone! It's Wednesday and that means we are halfway to the weekend. Woohoo 😄 Have you thought about what you wanna do this weekend or are you just trying to make it through the week without going crazy? Haha I have so many awesome things planned for the weekend and I can't wait for it to get here but since it isn't here yet I'd like to share with you a beautiful dress I found a few weeks back. Hopefully this will help with those mid week blues and put a smile back on your face 😉

I know when I say where I got this dress many of you will be thinking wow does this chick live at that place?! The answer is no obviously, but it is one of the only stores in the small town I live in and I do all my shopping there so there's always something catching my eye as I do my walk through. What store am I referring to you ask? My regular readers can probably guess...Walmart! Yes it's yet another article of clothing from Walmart but who really wants to complain? Walmart clothing is really nice and super affordable so no matter what your budget 💲 is you can always look good when you shop there.

This dress is a great example of just how great their stuff really is. It's absolutely beautiful and cost less than $10! Yes you heard that right. I love the coloring in this dress and the length gives it the old school glam look. The material is also really soft against my skin so this is a major plus 😆  I wanted this dress the first time I saw it but I was concerned it wouldn't look good on me because of the length. I don't normally wear midi dresses because I'm petite and sometimes this length can cut you off and make you look even shorter but luckily that didn't happen with this dress. The bodycon style may not be for everyone however because it's very unforgiving. You should be totally comfortable with your body when you wear a dress like this one because it hugs every curve and little pudge. With a midi dress I wanted to wear heels so it would help me to look taller so I paired this dress with my beautiful pink heels from Shoe Dazzle that I purchased a couple of years ago. These are one of the most comfortable pairs of heels I own but they are most likely not available anymore so I'll link a similar pair below. I was so excited that the color of my shoes matched the flowers in the dress perfectly. It almost seems like it was meant for me to buy this dress 👗😏  This is the perfect outfit to wear on your next dinner date with your sweetie. If heels are too much for you then you can wear wedges or a cute pair of sandals but I really think heels will give this dress that little extra something. To recreate my look:

Shoes similar similar

Isn't this dress beautiful? How would you wear it differently? I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment with your thoughts and opinions. I hope you're able to snag one of these beauties before they are all gone. Have a great rest of the week and happy shopping 😎

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress ❤


  1. Love all things floral!

    Alix |

  2. Gorgeous dress, I especially love the feminine print! Lovely!!!