Friday, December 9, 2016

The 5 Best Colors For A Holiday Party And How To Accessorize Them

Hey everyone and happy Friday! I'm so glad the weekend is finally here. I have a ton of shopping to get done today then tomorrow night is my company's annual holiday party. I know many companies have office parties and the attire may be somewhat casual, but at my holiday party everyone dresses like they're going to the prom...only a grown up prom with liquor (legally) LOL. One of the major topics of discussion the past few weeks between us ladies at work is what we are planning to wear to this semi formal event and especially what color. Many of the women I spoke with had no idea what they were going to wear and if they did have a dress picked out they had no idea how to style it. So, it gave me the idea for this post. If, like me, you have an upcoming holiday party that's a really dressy occasion and you are still undecided on what to wear, I got your back :) I picked out the 5 best colors that would be perfect for any semi formal holiday party and I'm giving you a few tips on how you can accessorize them. 

#1-Black Dress
The number one color I see every year is black. Why is that?? Probably because black is so easy to accessorize and it's really slimming ;) I wore black my first, third, and fourth holiday parties with this company. Of course they were all slightly different and I paired each with colorful accessories, but this year I vowed to myself I wouldn't wear black. LOL. For this example I chose a gorgeous black sequin cocktail dress and paired it with all black accessories. I love this outfit!! This is the perfect example of a semi formal party outfit. If you're not into sequins then any black dress will do, but you'll need to have awesome accessories to keep it from looking boring since you opted out of sequins. You can try different colored shoes and accessories like red or white and you can even wear something with a bold animal print like a pair of leopard print shoes. To be honest the sky is the limit when it comes to black dresses so get creative :) You can shop this look HERE.

#2-Red Dress
Red is such a bold vibrant color and many people are afraid to wear it for fear of standing out too much. WHY??? Standing out and getting noticed are good things and you should always strive for this. One good thing about the color red is I've never seen anyone who doesn't look good in this color and it's extremely festive. This is why I chose to wear the color red to this years holiday party. Red can be a little tricky when choosing what to pair it with. Most people automatically choose black shoes which, depending on the shade of red, may not be the best choice. Dark red looks great with black, but a lighter red would look better with nude shoes and accessories. For this example I actually chose a really pretty red dress with silver sequins at the bodice. Since this dress already has a secondary color you will want to match it to your shoes and accessories so I chose a pair of silver heels, purse, earrings, and bracelet. Like with the black dress, you can choose a solid red dress but try to spice it up a bit with your choice of shoes at least...can we say red and white polka dot heels? ;) You can shop this look HERE.

#3-Green Dress
I love the color green and it was actually my original color of choice for this year's holiday party. Like red, it too gets overlooked a lot because it doesn't look good on everyone. I know most women with pale skin or red hair look great in green, but some others may not. If you're one of the lucky women who can pull off this shade then you should definitely go for it! One downside to green is it can be hard to accessorize, but if you stick with neutral colors like black or nude then you can't go wrong. For this example I chose a gorgeous green semi formal dress and paired it with all black accessories. I chose black because this shade of green is on the darker side. If you choose a shade that is lighter then nude accessories would be the way to go. For the love of God don't wear red unless of course you want to look like a Christmas elf. LOL. You can shop this look HERE.

#4-Blue Dress
This vibrant cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors to wear. I actually just ordered a dress in this color and I can't wait to get it. Any shade of blue will be fine for a holiday party, but this particular shade is perfect for the fall and winter seasons. With this color you will also want to stick with neutral shades of accessories. I'll probably wear a pair of nude boots with my blue dress, but black and silver are also great colors as well. For this example I chose a pretty little cobalt blue dress and paired it with all silver accessories. Silver is a great festive color for the holidays so this outfit would be perfect for anyone's holiday party. You can change it up by wearing black or white instead and even nude heels would look great. Just remember to keep the shoes and accessories neutral ;) You can shop this look HERE.

#5-Purple Dress
OMG I love the color purple. Once upon a time purple was reserved for royalty and I can totally see why. Purple is one of those colors that looks great on just about everyone so why not wear it to a wonderful dressy event like a holiday party? Purple looks great with black, white, silver, and nude so choose one of these colors and accessorize away. If you want to be really bold you could wear yellow with purple, but I personally wouldn't do so at a dressy event. For this example I chose a beautiful purple bodycon dress and paired it with black and silver accessories. This is my favorite outfit of this post and I think the fur heels have a lot to do with that ( I'm only slightly obsessed with cute heels I promise) LOL Like I said you could change it up and wear all silver, white, or nude accessories. Finding a pair of shoes in the exact shade of purple would be fine too especially if they had an awesome bold design on them :) You can shop this look HERE

So, are you ready for you're upcoming holiday party/semi formal event? What are you planning to wear? Which one of these could you see yourself wearing? I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Be sure to spread the love and share this post with all your friends who have a semi formal event coming up. I hope you have an amazing weekend and happy shopping :)


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  1. Those are really cute! Especially that green dress! :-D

    1. Thanks so much :) I love that green dress too!!

  2. I'm a big fan of the bright blue color because it's classic and always looks nice. Seasonal colors look festive, but aren't always complimentary.

    1. The bright blue is very pretty and can be worn when the holiday is over as well :)

  3. Replies
    1. Red is such a great color for just about everyone! I wore red to my party this year and it looked so pretty :)