Friday, March 25, 2016

5 Amazing Dresses For Easter

Happy Friday everyone! Are you super excited for the weekend? My weekend officially started yesterday and I have been having a blast. I got my nails and hair done for Easter Sunday and I'm having a get together at my house later tonight so it's been a great day! Speaking of Easter...are you ready for it? Do you have your outfit all picked out and ready to go? If not then you're in luck because today's post is all about the best dresses to wear for Easter. So, if you need ideas on what to wear just keep reading. I love Easter! As a little girl I would always get a beautiful new dress just for that special day and then I would get to hunt Easter eggs with my cousins and eat barbeque. I think the last one is just a southern thing, but those were great memories that I will cherish forever. As I grew older the tradition of picking out a new dress kept going and even though I no longer get super dressed up like I used to, I still always get a new dress. Whether you do the whole Easter thing or not, it's springtime and it's always a good time to buy a new beautiful spring dress. So what dresses are perfect for this Easter? There are honestly so many awesome styles to choose from but I have chosen 5 that I think are the absolute best!

#1: The Bodycon Dress
It's never the wrong season for a bodycon dress. I think I have one for literally every occasion I can think of. I love wearing these types of dresses. They always hug my curves super well and make me feel gorgeous. The one downside to this type of dress is that it doesn't work with all body types. While it works well with girls with hourglass figures, it doesn't work for more curvy girls or girls who are super thin. If you can pull one of these amazing dresses off though, be sure to do so as often as possible. For my example I chose a strappy floral bodycon dress and paired it with pink heels and a pink purse. I chose this particular dress because it's floral and has the perfect pastel spring colors in it. This is the perfect outfit for that Easter date with your significant other. To recreate this look:

Dress: Jane Norman
Shoes: Cici Hot
Purse: Tradesy

#2: The Shirt Dress
Who doesn't love a simple springtime shirt dress? This style works with most body types and comes in a variety of colors and prints so whatever your style is you can find one that will work for you. The only downside to these dresses is for small busted women. The top sometimes tends to hang awkwardly as to accentuate the fact that there isn't much there so my advice to those of you with this body type is to either have the dress altered to fit you better or wear a padded bra. I chose the padded bra option myself :) For my example I chose a blue jean polka dot shirt dress and paired it with white heels and a white purse. This is the perfect Easter outfit for those of you who will be spending Easter at a dinner party with friends. I chose this particular dress because blue jean dresses are always in style and I love polka dots. To recreate this look:

Dress: House of Fraser
Shoes: Lipsy
Purse: Brooks Brothers

#3: The Fit and Flare Dress
The fit and flare dress is probably the dress that is flattering on all body types. Whether you are thin or curvy this dress will look amazing on you. This style of dress is simply amazing and screams femininity. It reminds me of the princess dresses I always wanted growing up. This is by far my absolute favorite style of dress to wear for any and every occasion. For my example I chose this gorgeous black fit and flare dress with a purple floral pattern and paired it with purple heels and a purple purse. This is the perfect dress for church on Easter Sunday morning. I chose this dress because of the beautiful purple floral pattern on it. Purple is one of my favorite colors and looks amazing on just about any skin tone. To recreate this look:

Dress: Chic Nova
Shoes: The Real Life
Purse: Barneys

#4: The Camisole Dress
The camisole dress is the perfect dress for the girl who just wants to have a relaxing day out hanging with friends on Easter but still wants to look a little dressy. This dress mostly works with super thin girls seeing as it can enhance certain features in other body types that might make the wearer feel self confident. With that being said, you should always feel bold and confident no matter what you are wearing so if you like this style and you want to wear it then by all means rock that look! For my example I chose a black floral camisole dress and paired it with black sandals and a black fringe purse. This is the perfect outfit for an Easter lunch date with your girlfriends or that little family get together. I chose this dress because of the floral pattern which is perfect for spring and Easter in particular. To recreate this look:

Dress: Glamorous
Shoes: Go Jane
Purse: Yoins

#5: The Skater Dress
The skater dress is another one of those styles that look good on just about every body type. There are so many of these to choose from and again I feel confident in saying that I have one of these for every season. Spring and Summer in particular are the best seasons to wear this style of dress in my opinion and everyone of you should run out and buy one of these awesome dresses if you don't have one already. Well, even if you do have one it's okay to have more than one right ladies? For my example I chose a green lace skater dress and paired it with nude heels and a nude purse. I chose this dress because of the lace. Lace is so beautiful for the springtime and Easter in particular. This is another dress that is perfect for church on Easter Sunday. I personally am in love with this dress so I may just buy it myself ;) To recreate this look:

Dress: Rent The Runway
Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory
Purse: Forever 21

Don't these beautiful dresses make you ready for Easter? I know I sure am. I personally bought a mint green lace dress so I'll feature that on the blog this Sunday. I hope you love these dresses as much as I do and hopefully I helped you make that difficult decision of what dress you're going to wear for Easter. As always I love feedback so leave me a comment and let me know which of these dresses is your favorite and what you plan to wear for Easter. Also follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on my blog posts and to see pictures of outfits that don't make it on to the blog. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and a great Easter Sunday.

Goodbye for now...fashionable tigress


  1. Look #5 is probably my favorite. It's so cute!! I would love that dress in white for my college graduation in May.

    1. Congrats on graduating from college. That's amazing! Look #5 is definitely a beautiful look. And who knows they may sell it in white ;)

  2. These are so wonderful! I love how different each of them are, but the polka dots one is so cute!

    1. Thank you. Yes I love the polka dot dress too. It's super cute :)