Friday, March 18, 2016

The 5 Best Colors For Spring

Hey everyone! It's Friday and the beginning of my weekend. How has your week been? If it's been anything like mine I'm sure you're glad the weekend is finally here. Guess what else is super awesome? Next week is officially the beginning of spring!! Yes it has pretty much been an early spring this year since it started getting warm in the middle of February, but now it's really here. So, now that spring is here what colors do you plan to wear? Do you know what colors are hot right now? If not then I'm about to tell you. While there are many colors trending for this spring season I have chosen 5 that I think are absolutely amazing and must be a part of your spring wardrobe.

#1: Blush Pink
What girly girl doesn't love pink? The color pink perfectly embodies the essence of spring and is a must have for every girl's wardrobe. There are many different shades of pink so the trick is finding the shade that works with your skin's undertones. The great thing about blush pink is that it's pretty universal and goes with just about every skin tone. I don't recall ever seeing anyone who doesn't look good in this shade, but I'm sure there are a few exceptions. Any shade of pink works for spring, but there's just something about blush pink that screams SPRING. For my example I chose a beautiful off-the-shoulder dress in blush pink and paired it with nude strappy heels and a nude purse. This is the perfect outfit for a date night with your significant other or for us southern women we can add a huge hat and wear this to a tea party...that was for you Missy :) To recreate this look:

 Dress: Matches Fashion
Shoes: New Look
Purse: The Real Real

#2: Coral
I've said it before and I'll say it again...coral is one of my absolute favorite colors for spring! It's a bright, vibrant, and happy color that reminds me of a flower. Many people will argue with me on this, but there are actually several different shades of coral. I've seen some that are more of an orange and then there are those that look more like peach. This is good news because that means there's a shade for all skin tones. I personally look better in the peachier tones, but you may look good in the brighter shades of coral. Whichever shade looks best on you one thing is for certain, coral is a hot shade for spring and you should own at least one item in this color. For my example I chose a cute coral fringe tank and paired it with white shorts, coral flip flops, and a straw tote. This is the perfect outfit for your next vacation where you walk through the downtown shops of the small beach town you are visiting. Wow just thinking of that makes me ready for my vacation which isn't until August :( To recreate this look:

Tank: Wear All
Shorts: Question-Air
Flip Flops: Nordstrom Rack
Purse: Macys

#3: Green 
You're probably asking yourself why green. It's is the color of grass and during the spring the grass is very luscious and vibrant. Also, St. Patrick's Day is in March and really close to the springtime so I felt compelled to add it to the list. There are so many shades of green, but I feel emerald is the perfect shade for spring. I always thought this shade would look horrible against my pale skin until I tried a shirt on the other day in this color. It was amazing! So, apparently emerald looks good on people with cool undertones to their skin. For all you warm toned people out there, pastel green is a great substitute and looks wonderful on you. For my cool toned sisters, get yourself either a shirt or a dress in emerald STAT. For my example I chose a gorgeous asymmetrical blouse in emerald green and paired it with black skinny jeans, emerald green heels, and a black purse. This is the perfect outfit for a girl's night out. To recreate this look:

Blouse: Direct Asda
Jeans: My Theresa
Shoes: My Theresa
Purse: Far Fetch

#4: Yellow
Just like all the other colors I've talked about, yellow has many different shades so make sure you pick the one that works best with your skin tone. As a cold toned person I look better in the bold yellow as opposed to the pastel yellow, but no matter which shade looks best on you yellow is a must have color for spring. Yellow represents the sun and in the spring the days get longer and the sun shines brighter so it's in our sub-conscious that yellow is a great color for the springtime. If you absolutely hate wearing yellow close to your face you can always wear bright yellow shorts or a skirt with a different color top. I personally love the way yellow looks with black even though it kind of makes me look like a bumble bee when I wear it. If that look isn't for you, purple also goes really well with yellow...yes I said purple. For my example I chose a yellow form-fitting skirt and paired it with a black blouse, black T-strap pumps, and a black purse. I love this outfit because the yellow pops and I love pairing bold colors with black. This is the perfect outfit for the office or church. To recreate this look:

Skirt: Runway Catalog
Blouse: Le3no
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Purse: Shop Under

#5: Electric Blue
I absolutely love this shade of blue! While most people would say that pastel blue is more of a spring shade than electric blue, this blue really pops when photographed against a spring backdrop. I agree that pastel blue is a great shade and looks wonderful on people with warm undertones, but I've tried light blue and it looks horrible on me. My skin really shines in electric blue and anyone else with cool undertones so I've chosen this shade as a great color to add to your spring collection. Another great thing about this shade is that it will transition easily into other seasons as well so you can basically wear this all year long. Even if this shade looks horrible on you, you can always get a purse in electric blue so you will have at least something in this awesome versatile color. For my example I chose a gorgeous electric blue lace blouse and paired it with black skinny jeans and electric blue ballet flats. This is the perfect outfit for a lunch date or a day of shopping with your significant other. To recreate this look:

Blouse: Yoox
Jeans: Very Exclusive
Shoes: 6pm

There are so many other colors that are great for spring, but these are the 5 that I feel are the best choices. As always don't just wear a color because it's popular. make sure the shade looks great with your skin tone so you always look your very best. I hope you enjoy your weekend and be sure to check back Sunday to see the next featured outfit. Okay ladies it's time to go shopping and score those great deals! Please be sure to leave me a comment and let me know your opinion about the colors on my list. Have an idea for an article and would like me to write about it? If so, send me an email at For updates on new posts you can sign up for google + and add me to your circles or you can follow me on Instagram @fashionabletigress and Twitter @tigressfashion.

Goodbye for now...fashionable tigress


  1. Great! I got a green dress in my closet that can look practically new for spring! I look great in coral, so this is good news. Yellow is never happening for me! I'll leave that to the crayon box and the sun!

    1. That's too funny about yellow. I completely understand though. That's how I feel about bright white. I'm glad you will be rocking the green and coral for spring though :)

  2. In love with the coral outfit. These are all so pretty. Lovely post ;)

    1. Thank you. Yes the coral outfit is pretty awesome. I'll probably buy it myself lol

  3. I love the first two outfits! Such refreshing colors to wear too.

    1. Thanks. Yes they are great colors to wear :)