Monday, March 14, 2016

Must Have Shoes Of The Week

Hey everyone! Did you have an awesome weekend? I know I sure did but alas it's Monday and time to head back to work for many of you. On a positive note there's only 5 days until the weekend and it's time to reveal my picks of the week. This week I decided to look no further than my polyvore app for inspiration and I found the most adorable shoes that are perfect for spring....

These coral strappy heeled sandals from Go Jane are the perfect color for your spring wardrobe. Coral is great for all year wear but there's just something about coral in the springtime that makes any outfit amazing. The fact that the shoes are sandals is also a big plus. Warmer weather calls for open toed shoes so with these your feet can soak up some of that warmth and still  look stunningly dressy. These shoes aren't casual so don't wear them with shorts and tee shirts. Yes I have seen people wearing that outfit combo and it looks horrible in my opinion. I've created two examples of how you could pair these shoes but always remember to stay true to yourself and wear only the things that make you feel awesome! For my first example I paired the coral shoes with a beautiful floral dress, a coral purse, and coral flower earrings. This is the perfect outfit for a nice dinner or for Easter Sunday. For my second example I paired the coral shoes with white skinny jeans, a gorgeous coral blouse, a multi colored striped purse, and a pair of tiered coral dangling earrings. This is the perfect outfit for a night on the town with your girlfriends. To recreate either of these outfits:

Shoes: Go Jane
Dress: Pilotuk
Coral Purse: Nordstrom
Flower Earrings: Bling Jewelry
Jeans: Style Bop
Shirt: Farfetch
Striped Purse: Self Ridges
Dangling Earrings: JcPenney

Do you absolutely love these coral beauties? As always I love feedback so leave me a comment or email me directly at and let me know what you think and how you would pair them differently. Let's keep in touch through Instagram as fashionable tigress and Twitter as tigressfashion. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday and be sure to check back on Wednesday for my next outfit post.

Goodbye for now...fashionable tigress


  1. I love both outfits especially the second one. I am definitely a halter girl!!

    1. Thanks you :) halters are pretty awesome aren't they?!

  2. I just love that coral color! Such a bright and beautiful color for the spring! I totally want those shoes now too...and those outfits, haha!!

    1. I know right! Coral is such an awesome color! I'm sure you will look great in both outfits :)