Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tigress" Picks Of The Week

Hello again everyone! Are you excited for this coming weekend? It's Easter weekend and for many of you this means time spent with family. For a fashionista this also means it's time to pick out that Easter dress 😃 Have you decided where to go shopping to find the best Easter dress? If not I have found an amazing store for you that has the prettiest dresses and accessories.

What's Trending Right Now At Francesca's

I've only recently discovered Francesca's and I have to say I'm really impressed. Although it's a very small store, there is a lot of great stuff inside. I have passed this store many times on my way to other stores that I already know and love and every time I do I always admire how beautiful their dresses are. I'm a dress lover so I may be a bit biased but they do have other clothing and accessories if dresses aren't your thing. The one downside to this store is the dressing rooms. The lighting in the dressing rooms is horrible which is why I wasn't able to get the greatest pictures of their awesome stuff. Be sure to check them out online to better see their clothing options and to be able to see just how beautiful the clothing really is. Their clothes cost a little more money than I'm used to spending but if you catch them during a sale then it's totally worth it. When I was there all their clothing and accessories were buy one get one half off. While I didn't take advantage of the sale this time since I only bought one thing, I certainly will next time. These pictures are just a small example of the amazing things Francesca's has to offer.

First Picture:
These dresses are all about $45 and I loved each and every one when I tried them on. However I ended up only buying the mint green one because it was the best fit.
Second Picture:
All these shirts looked amazing on the hanger and were less than $30 so I was thinking I could get one of these for the half price discount. However most of them looked terrible on me with the exception of the coral tank so I decided not to get any. I'm sure they will look amazing on some of you though.
Third Picture:
These are just a small sampling of the shoes and purses that you can find here. All of these items were less than $40 which isn't too bad for a good pair of shoes or a nice purse.

Regretfully I didn't get any pictures of the gorgeous jewelry that they sale so you will have to make a trip up there or go online to find out just how amazing that stuff really is. So, have you decided to give Francesca's a try? I sure hope so! I hope the rest of your week goes by smoothly and your weekend is super awesome. As always I love feedback so leave me a comment or suggestion about a future topic you'd like me to write about. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all the latest updates on my blog posts and check back tomorrow to find out the best dresses for Easter Sunday.

Goodbye for now...fashionable tigress ❤


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    1. Thank you :) I wish the pictures had turned out better but the lighting was horrible in the store.