Friday, April 1, 2016

5 Dinner Date Outfits

Hello everyone! It's finally Friday and you know what that means...DATE NIGHT! And by date night I don't just mean you and your significant other. Date night can mean many different things. You can have a date with friends, co-workers, or even a special dinner for a wedding shower. No matter who the date is with, you always want to make sure you look your very best so I have picked out 5 different outfits that I feel are perfect for 5 separate types of dinner dates. Hopefully these can help you make that difficult decision of what to wear for each occasion.

#1: Blind Date/Significant Other Date
I'll start this list with the most important date of all, and probably the most common, the blind date or a date with your significant other. You always want to look your very best when going out with someone you're interested in dating long term. So, whether this is a first time date or a date with someone you've been seeing for awhile you want to dress to impress. For the blind date, first impressions are everything! You wouldn't want to show up without brushing your hair or at least attempting to put some makeup on your face so you should want your outfit to be dazzling. It doesn't matter if the spark ends up being there between the two of you or not as long as that person walks away with a lasting impression of just how amazing and well put together you look. And who knows, you could be meeting your future spouse for the first time :) For the significant other date, you should always want to look great for the person you love whether you've been together 3 months or 3 years. Dressing up for a person tells them that you care enough about them to want to look your very best. You want to always do your part to keep that spark alive in your relationship. For my example I chose a gorgeous white and coral floral ruffle dress and paired it with dark coral strappy heels and a matching dark coral purse. This outfit screams I am beautiful and extremely feminine. As an added bonus, it's also on the short side which makes the outfit fun and flirty. You will certainly grab and keep anyone's attention wearing this dress. To recreate this look:

Dress: Inter Mix Online
Shoes: Tradesy
Purse: Tradesy

#2: Friend Date
The second best date to have for a Friday night is a date with your friends. This is one of those fun relaxing dates where you don't have to be nervous or try to be on your best behavior. With friends you can let it all hang out and just be yourself which after a long work week is super awesome. With that being said, even when you're out with friends you still want to look your best. You never know who you might run into when out in public so you should always put your best foot forward especially when going out to dinner. For my example I chose a pretty peach chiffon dress with a floral bodice and paired it with camel strappy heels and a matching camel purse. This is a great dress to wear to that dinner date with friends you have coming up. It isn't over the top dressy but it's cute and comfortable and will make you look absolutely amazing just in case you have a run in with a very hot stranger. To recreate this look:

Dress: Rickety Rack
Shoes: Aldo Shoes
Purse: Genuine People

#3: Date with Parents
A lot of times Friday nights are reserved for dinner with your parents. It may be your parents or your significant others parents, but either way you want to look nice yet decent. This is not one of those dinners where you pull out your sexy dress and sky high heels. A more reserved dress and shorter heels are the way to go with this date especially if this is the first time you're meeting your loves parents. You don't want your father scolding you in public for your lack of clothing and you certainly don't want your loves parents thinking ill of you because of a poor outfit choice so picking something slightly on the conservative side is definitely the way to go in this situation. Everyone will be happy and able to focus on the conversation and not dwell on the small things like maybe you're hanging out of your top ;) For my example I chose a blue, white, and green striped dress and paired it with white heels and a matching white purse. The length and neckline of this dress is perfect for a date with parents and the height of the heels is under 3 inches which is super conservative and great for this occasion. To recreate this look:

Dress: House of Fraser
Shoes: Alternative Footwear
Purse Tory Burch 

#4: Date with Co-Workers
Another popular Friday night type of date is the date with your co-workers. When I say co-workers I don't mean friends that you work with. I mean a business dinner with people from your job. Many times this means a semi-formal dinner at a nice restaurant to discuss business related topics. In this situation most people will choose to wear something black. Black is super formal and is almost always worn by women at work functions and dinners. I say with it being spring you should switch it up just a bit and wear something white. White is still a neutral color but it's brighter and more of a happy color than black and with everyone else probably wearing black you will certainly stand out. And ladies, we always want to do our best to stand out in the crowd! For my example I chose a beautiful white belted dress and paired it with black studded heels and a matching black purse. This outfit is perfect for a business dinner because you still have your black accents but it isn't the focal color of the whole outfit. You are sure to stand out and get noticed in this outfit without being over the top. To recreate this look:

Dress: Lattori
Shoes: Browns Fashion
Purse: Portero

#5: Dinner Date for Wedding or other formal events
I love getting invitations in the mail for a wedding dinner, a baby shower, or even a house warming party. These are the types of events that I enjoy going to and are super fun for everyone. I haven't seen a person at one of these events yet without a smile on their face. They may show up in a bad mood but seeing the happiness of everyone around them is contagious and soon you will see them cracking a smile. Some of these dinners can be super casual but I have been to a few that were more dressy. For the dressy events you want to wear something pretty but not over the top. You don't ever want to upstage the person the dinner is being thrown for so make sure you wear something slightly subtle with a little bit of flair because no matter what occasion I'm dressing for I always want to make at least a small statement. While these dinners don't usually come up on a regular basis I included them in my list because I'm always being asked my advice on what someone should wear to this type of event. For my example I chose a gorgeous green dress with a lace waist and paired it with white heels and a matching white purse. This outfit is perfect for that wedding dinner you have coming up because you have your white accents for a wedding but a bold focal color to make you stand out just a bit. Not to mention this dress just screams wear me to a dressy event! To recreate this look:

Dress: Victoria Swing
Shoes: Nordstrom
Purse: Bergdorf Goodman

I hope these examples were able to help you decide what to wear for your next dinner date occasion. Which one was your favorite? What would you wear differently to each type of event? I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions so leave me a comment with any suggestions or ideas you have. Let's stay connected through Facebook and Instagram so you will always get updates on blog posts as soon as they are posted and you can see photos and comments that don't make it onto the blog. I hope you have an awesome weekend and be sure to check back Sunday for my next outfit post.

Goodbye for now... Fashionable Tigress <3


  1. Such cute outfits! I really love the second outfit, so pretty!

  2. Ooooh!! Pretty outfits! I especially love the "parent date" and green dress. Heart eyes!!! :-)

    1. Thank you Katie :) the green dress is one of my favorites too ;)

  3. How cute! I love, love, love the friend date outfit!

    1. Thanks Nicole ☺ I found the shoes from that outfit at forever 21 yesterday and they are a lot cheaper 😉