Friday, April 22, 2016

How To Wear Your New Spring Shoes Part 3

Hey everyone! It's Friday and you know what that's time for the weekend. I hope you had an amazing week but now it's time for some fun and relaxation. So have you made any plans yet? I have some shopping to do and then I plan to attend a seminar on real estate. Sounds super fun right?! Before I get to all that it's time to reveal the third and final post on how to wear your new spring shoes. I've really enjoyed writing these posts and researching all the latest shoe styles for you. I'll certainly have to do this again for the fall season. So what shoes did I pick for the final 5 and what examples did I choose to show how to wear them?

#1: Mules
Every time I mention this style of shoe someone always asks what the heck is that?! I usually laugh and explain what it is of course and that's exactly what I'm going to do now for those of you who may have never heard this term in reference to shoes. The mule is simply a pair of closed toe shoes that have an open back. They can be any heel height from flats to high heels. There are also many different types from casual to dressy so depending on which type you are wearing will determine what outfit to wear them with. If you are wearing a very casual pair of mules then pairing them with jeans and a blouse might be the way to go. When you have a dressy pair of mules you want to wear them with dresses or business attire. The heeled mules are very popular for this spring season so finding the right dressy outfit to match is a must. For my example I chose an orange pair of heeled mules and paired them with black dressy pants and an orange blouse. This is the perfect outfit for the office or a dinner date with co-workers. To recreate this look:

Shoes: Malone Souliers
Pants: My Theresa
Blouse: Michael Kors

#2: Menswear 
When women first started working in offices back in the day they were restricted to dresses or skirts and heels. Thank God we have come into the 21st century and women are now able to cross over into more gender bending attire. I love the menswear look on a woman. To me it screams I'm not afraid to stand out and be noticed and I want to be treated with just as much respect as any man! Women now wear pantsuits with loafers and I think it's absolutely amazing. Don't get me wrong I love wearing heels but there's just something really sophisticated about a woman wearing a cute pair of loafers. Come to think of it, designers have actually crossed menswear with heels to create some pretty amazing looking shoes. The menswear style can be worn with anything depending on the type of shoe you get. The heeled ones need business attire or dresses but the flat ones like the loafers can be worn casually with jeans and a shirt. For my example I chose a cute pair of white menswear loafers and paired them with skinny jeans, a black & white striped shirt, and a white blazer. I love this outfit! It's very casual but the blazer makes it a little more dressy so you could wear this to the office on casual Friday and still look presentable. To recreate this look:

Shoes: HM
Jeans: Mobile Harrods
Shirt: Alexander Wang
Blazer: River Island

#3: Wedges
Who doesn't love a great pair of wedges? These are the perfect shoes to wear with those beautiful spring dresses and they also look amazing with the retro look which is really popular for this season. I don't think I know a single woman who doesn't own a pair of these very pretty shoes. You can wear wedges with just about anything so spending a little extra money on a pair of these will be money well spent. Going out to dinner and not feeling like wearing those 6 inch heels with your gorgeous new dress...grab your wedges. Hanging out with friends on a warm spring day wearing a cute pair of capris and a blouse but wanting something a little more dressy than sandals...wedges are the way to go! Wedges are one of my favorite styles of shoes to own for the simple fact that I can get the height I want and look super feminine but be more stable than in a pair of really high heels. If for some reason you don't own a pair of these beauties please remedy that as soon as possible. For my example I chose a pair of black platform wedges and paired them with a floral dress and a black purse. This is the perfect outfit for that dinner date with your sweetie. To recreate this outfit:

Shoes: Charles by Charles David 
Dress: Ted Baker
Purse: Scoop NYC

#4: Embellished 
Embellished shoes are really adorable! Whether it's a pair of sandals or an amazing pair of heels it's always nice to walk around with decorations on your feet :) Not to mention this style is super hot for this spring season. The only problem I find with these shoes is figuring out what to wear them with. If the embellishments on your feet have a pattern like flowers or something similar then you want to wear a plain color and let the pretty shoes stand out. Nothing irritates me more than seeing someone wearing mixed patterns and calling it stylish. If the designs on the shoes are just one certain color and not really a pattern then you have more clothing options of course. Personally if I'm going to wear any kind of decoration on my shoes I'm going to want that to stand out above whatever it is I'm wearing. These shoes are great to wear to a formal event like prom or a wedding when you want to feel like a beautiful princess. For my example I chose a pair of embellished heeled sandals and paired them with a coral dress and a jeweled clutch purse. This is the perfect outfit to wear to a friend's wedding. To recreate this look:

Shoes: Paul Andrew
Dress: The Outnet
Purse: BCBG

#5: Studded
Even though the studded look has really blown up this season, I have always loved this look and have been wearing studded shoes for a long time. You can get any type of shoe studded from sneakers and flats to heels and wedges. These shoes are absolutely amazing and they give your whole outfit an edgy look without you even trying to be edgy. A few years back I had the cutest pair of black studded ballet flats that I wore with everything. I currently have a pair of white studded wedge sandals that I love and can't wait to break out for the spring and summer seasons. My new obsession however is the Valentino studded heels that are all over Pinterest and Instagram. I simply must have a pair of these gorgeous shoes as soon as possible and that's why I used them as my example for this style. Aren't they absolutely amazing?! These particular shoes work best with dressy outfits such as dresses or skinny jeans with blouses. If you're more of a tomboy or just not super girly then you can get the sneaker ones and wear them with your super casual outfits. For my example I chose a beautiful pair of blue Valentino studded heels and paired them with a blue floral dress and a nude purse. This is also a great outfit to wear to a wedding or on a really nice dinner when your sweetie takes you somewhere super special. To recreate this look:

Shoes: Valentino
Dress: Karen Millen
Purse: Go Jane

So which style is your favorite? Are you like me and want to own them all? I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates on blog posts as they are posted and to see pics and other little tidbits that don't make it onto this blog. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Friday and have an awesome weekend. Be sure to check back on Sunday to see my next outfit post and get out to the store and get yourself a pair of these amazing shoes.

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress <3


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