Friday, April 15, 2016

How To Wear Your New Spring Shoes Part 2

Happy Friday! I bet you're super glad the weekend is finally here and you can take a break from your hectic work schedule. If you're like me then your weekend schedule is just as hectic but at least it's more fun :) Did you get a chance to read part 1 of how to wear your new spring shoes? If not you really should check it out because it has some awesome tips and outfit ideas for 5 amazing pairs of shoes that are hot for this season. This post is a continuation of that post and is the second in a 3 part series specifically for the spring season. For this post I have chosen 5 more great pairs of shoes that would be wonderful additions to anyone's spring wardrobe and paired them with cute outfit ideas just for you.

#1: Classic Sneakers
Who doesn't love a great pair of sneakers anytime of the year? The spring season is no exception when it comes to these very versatile shoes. Adidas are one of my all time favorite types of sneakers and the classic version of them are back on every fashionista's must have list. These shoes are super hot right now. I'm seeing them everywhere from Pinterest to Instagram and everything in between. They are being worn with just about anything including formal dresses. I don't think I'd take that much of a fashion risk but I might wear them with a fun skater skirt and a t-shirt. I feel the perfect way to wear these cuties is by pairing them with cropped skinny jeans, shorts, or capris and a t-shirt or tank top. The classic white pair is the best way to go with these because you can pair them with a wide variety of different colors so you will get more bang for your buck and because white is a great color for spring. For my example I chose a classic white pair of adidas and paired them with skinny jeans and a black & white striped shirt. This is the perfect casual outfit for a relaxing day at home or just hanging out with friends. To recreate this look:

Shoes: Need Supply
Jeans: Moda Operandi
Shirt: Liberty

#2: Scalloped Flats
This is a new style for the spring season. I don't remember seeing these in the past and if I did I didn't notice because they weren't in my face like they are now. There are many bloggers talking about this style and how perfect it is for this season and I'd have to agree with them. These shoes are, for lack of a better word, simply too cute. The first thing that comes to mind when I see this style is little girls clothing. Don't get me wrong it's a great style for any age but there's just something innocent and fresh looking about these shoes and it makes me want a pair really bad. I wouldn't wear these shoes with something super casual like blue jean shorts or sweats, but these would be perfect for those dressy skinny jeans, dresses, and skirts. For my example I chose a pair of scalloped flats in royal blue and paired them with white skinny jeans and a royal blue blouse. I love royal blue! It is a great color for spring and I think this outfit will be perfect for a lunch date with your girlfriends. To recreate this look:

Shoes: Bloomingdales
Jeans: House of Fraser
Blouse: Glamorous

#3: Booties
I love a great pair of booties. There are many different types of this style and what's popular varies from season to season. For example you wouldn't want to wear a pair of completely closed in booties in the heat of the summer or a pair of open toe booties in the winter. For this spring season the open toe booties are super popular. There are many different colors and varieties to choose from that it's almost impossible not to find a pair you like. I always find about 5 or 10 pairs of these that I want every time I go shopping. It's great that most of the time I'm able to control myself or I'd always be broke. But hey at least I'd look great right?! For this post I'm going to focus on the heeled bootie which is probably my absolute favorite type of this style to wear especially this time of the year. Heeled booties should never be worn with anything overly casual like blue jean shorts and I hate the way these look with capris and cropped skinny jeans. I always wear my heeled booties with dresses, skirts, and skinny jeans. Be careful wearing these with skinny jeans though as the jeans can cover up part of the shoe and if you have an awesome pair in a fun funky pattern then the last thing you want is for them to be covered. For my example I chose a pair of heeled booties in a blue plaid pattern and paired them with a black dress and a black purse. I love these shoes! The pattern is cute and different and like I said before blue is a great color for spring. This is the perfect outfit for a night out on the town. To recreate this look:

Shoes: Heels
Dress: Zaful
Purse: Relax Feel

#4: Gladiator Sandals
I've mentioned this style of shoe in a past blog post and for this one I'm bringing them up yet again. No post about spring shoes is complete without talking about the awesome gladiator sandals. It is my express opinion that every woman should own at least one pair of these beauties. They are perfect for those casual spring outfits but also work great with cute sun dresses and skirts too. You can even wear these cuties with your swimsuit to the beach. You simply must buy a pair of these for your wardrobe and I plan to do so as soon as I find the perfect pair. The only thing I wouldn't wear these with is anything overly formal or business related. I don't care too much for the ones that go almost all the way up to my knee and this is probably due to the fact that I'm very petite, but the ones that are ankle or shin high are perfect for my style. For my example I chose a tan pair of gladiator sandals and paired them with blue jean shorts and a cute floral blouse. This is the perfect outfit to wear on your next vacation to that little town where you'll be doing a lot of walking and sightseeing. To recreate this look:

Shoes: Matches Fashion
Shorts: Nordstrom
Blouse: New Look

#5: Fringe Sandals
Fringe has made a major comeback this year. It was popular in the 1970s and went away for quite awhile but apparently it never died out completely. This is one of the things I love about fashion! It's always revolving and things are being brought back that I was sad to see bell bottom jeans. When I first saw this craze hit the stores this year I'm not going to lie I wasn't impressed. I'm not really a huge fan of the fringe look but on certain things it can be really cute. Fringe sandals...yes. Fringe! With that being said, I'll probably end up buying a cute pair of fringe shoes soon but only when I find a pair that I absolutely love and I feel is worth the money. Fringe can be found on many different styles of shoes but for this post I focused on the sandals because they are perfect for both the spring and the upcoming summer season. Fringe sandals can be worn with anything from casual to dressy but nothing formal or business related. This style will work best with dresses, skirts, capris, skinny jeans, cropped jeans, and shorts. For my example I chose an adorable pair of coral fringe sandals and paired them with capris and a floral tank top. This is another perfect outfit for that upcoming vacation or for just running errands in town. To recreate this look:

Shoes: HM
Capris: Navabi
Tank: It A List

How many of these 5 pairs do you already own? Which pair are you planning on buying now? I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Also be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates on blog posts as they are posted. I hope you're super excited to go out and get a pair of new shoes now and have an idea of how you want to wear them. Be sure to check back next week for the third and final post on this subject for this season and I'll have my next outfit post up on Sunday. Have an awesome weekend and be safe :)

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress <3

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