Friday, April 29, 2016

Are You A True Fashionista?

Are you obsessed with fashion? Do you always have to be the first person to purchase the hottest new items from the store? Does the newest edition of the world's top fashion magazine make your stomach do crazy little flips? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions you may very well be a true fashionista! By definition a fashionista is a person who is a devoted follower of fashion. Many people may think they have what it takes to define themselves as a fashionista but only a few will ever truly live up to the title. So, what exactly does it take to earn the right to call yourself a fashionista? These 10 signs will help you determine once and for all if you are a true fashionista or merely trendy.

#1-Fashion magazines are your novel

Do you always have the latest edition of your favorite fashion magazine by your bedside or are you following them on social media? If the answer is yes then you are definitely a lover of fashion. What makes you a fashionista is if you quote said magazine to all your friends. When you are out shopping and you see a cute dress what's the first thing that pops into your mind? Is it “oh how cute. I think I will get that and wear it on my next date.” Or do you think “omg cosmo said this is the hottest new dress of the season and I have to get it in coral because it's a great spring color.” If the second one sounds more like you then you are definitely a fashionista. A true fashionista always does her research on what's fashionable and never leaves home without her “novel”.

#2-You never leave the house without your makeup on

A true fashionista knows that the world is a runway and you are always being watched wherever you go. No I don't mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I mean people will always look to see what someone else is wearing and what they are doing. It's simply in our nature to watch other people's lives which is why reality TV is so popular. A fashionista always wants to put her best face forward and make sure she is on point at all times. Who wants to go out of the house looking tired and slovenly dressed? If you can honestly say you do this every so often then you are merely trendy and not a true fashionista. I never leave the house without makeup on...NEVER!

#3-Your hair and nails are always on point

Nothing messes up a great pair of open toe shoes like funky toenails! A true fashionista always makes sure her nails are done and if they are looking a little scraggly before her appointment date then she will wear closed toe shoes until they are looking great again. The same goes for fingernails and hair. A true fashionista at least has her fingernails well manicured even if they are not painted although most of the time they are. As far as hair goes, a fashionista always maintains her color by never letting the roots show and her hair is always clean, fresh, and smells wonderful even when it's not fixed up. If you've ever left the house with bed hair you are not a true fashionista!

#4-Your outfit has to match

This is something that actually goes slightly against high fashion. There are many designers who feel it is unnecessary for an outfit to actually match. However, a true fashionista knows this is only for fashion runway shows and not for real life. Nothing is more annoying to me than seeing a woman who has obviously been watching too many episodes of top model and wants to try and incorporate that style into her life and ends up looking totally ridiculous. A true fashionista will take hot new items that designers have put together in photographs and separate them so they match things already in her wardrobe. If you have ever left the house wearing a plaid shirt with striped pants and leopard print shoes you are merely trendy because a true fashionista would never leave the house not matching!

#5-You know what's in your closet at all times

Nothing is more annoying than getting to the store and finding a great pair of shoes then wondering if you have anything at home that will go with them. So you end up either buying them and hoping for the best or standing there staring at the shoes for 15 minutes trying desperately to remember anything at all in your closet you could pair them with. A true fashionista takes either an actual or mental inventory of her entire wardrobe so she always knows within 5 minutes whether something found in a store will work with something from home. This may sound hard but a true lover of fashion will find it very easy to do because when you have a passion for something you tend to pay more attention to it. A true fashionista is always prepared when out shopping!

#6-Your closet is super organized

Having a closet that is arranged by style and color makes it much easier to find what you want to wear for the day and it helps with remembering what's in there. So for those of you who think #5 is too hard, organizing your closet will make it really easy to keep a mental inventory of your wardrobe. Not to mention it just looks beautiful. Nothing warms a fashionista's heart more than seeing a huge closet full of color coordinated clothing because it's not only pleasing to the eye but it also says the owner of the closet really cares about their stuff. When you go shopping do you want to walk into a store and see clothing thrown everywhere and not in it's proper place? Of course not! So, why would you want your closet to be any different? A true fashionista cares about her clothing and wants to keep it organized and looking new for as long as possible.

#7-You will deal with some discomfort to look amazing

Have you ever worn an uncomfortable pair of shoes just because they match your dress perfectly? This is something a true fashionista has come to understand is just a way of life. I've seen people in gorgeous dresses walking around in flip flops and I'm like WHY?! Their answer is always the same....their shoes were hurting their feet so they took them off. A true fashionista will fight through the pain just to look amazing and won't take the darn shoes off until they get to the car. Look at wedding dresses. Brides are always wearing uncomfortable dresses to get married in and they suffer through that pain so they have a memorable day and great pictures. With a fashionista this is an every day thing. You always want to leave a lasting impression in someone's mind and maybe they will take away some awesome fashion tips from seeing your outfit. I can't count the number of times I've received compliments on an outfit and I'm thinking of how uncomfortable I am but at the same time I was able to beautify someone's day. A true fashionista knows this is worth the pain.

#8-You own at least two of the hottest new trends each season

What's all the hard work you put in checking out the latest fashion magazines and all that online shopping worth if you don't walk away with a couple of the hottest new trends each season? This is a major perk of being a true fashionista. Not to mention you absolutely love sharing your outfit ideas with others and enjoy always being asked where you got something. How can you help others look stylish if you yourself aren't keeping up with all the new trends? Don't get me wrong, you don't always want to try everything that comes out but the one's you're obsessing over you should totally get! A true fashionista always incorporates new fashion trends into her wardrobe to create her own awesome style.

#9- You always think you could wear that outfit better

Have you ever found yourself looking at someone's outfit and thinking it would look way better on you or you would make it look nicer with different shoes or accessories? This is something that always goes on in the mind of a true fashionista. I know it sounds a bit snobbish but it's in our very nature to always be fashion minded and when we see someone wearing something that doesn't fit their body type or maybe they wore it with the wrong shoes we always think we could do it better. But luckily most fashionistas know to keep their opinions to themselves. I have upset many people by telling them they don't match or the outfit just isn't for them so I've learned through the years to only give advice when asked and even then sugar coat what I say just a bit. This is both a curse and a blessing for a true fashionista.

#10- People always want your advice on fashion decisions

You know you're a true fashionista when people start coming to you for advice on their fashion decisions. Nothing makes a fashionista happier than giving honest advice and helping someone to look their absolute best. This is why many fashionistas like myself start fashion blogs. We want the whole world to be beautiful and we certainly appreciate seeing the awesome fashion efforts of others. I will spend hours writing and perfecting a post just to make sure my readers will love it and hopefully get something out of it. One of the best accomplishments of a true fashionista is being able to help with the makeover process of another person. I've been invited on several shopping trips and helped pick out clothes for people and the look on their faces when they see themselves in what I picked for them makes my time and effort completely worth it. A true fashionista only appears to be snobbish but in actuality she loves bringing out the best in others through fashion.

How many of the signs pertain to you? If you have all 10 like me then you are definitely a true fashionista. If you have between 5 and 9 you are a fashionista in training. If you have 1-4 then you are merely a trendy woman who loves to look pretty and there's nothing wrong with that. How many of you are total fashionistas? I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment and tell me which category you fall under and why. Are there other signs that pertain to a fashionista that wasn't on the list? I'd love to hear it so I can determine if I have that one too ;) If you would like to follow this blog you can do so through email or you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram @fashionabletigress and on Twitter and Pinterest @tigressfashion to get all the latest updates on blog posts and for other awesome pics and stuff that doesn't make it onto the blog. I hope you have an amazing weekend and remember to stay awesome my true fashionistas!!

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress <3  


  1. Numbers 7 and 10 are my curses/blessings haha.

    Alix |

  2. I am really not a fashionista at all. I do enjoy looking nice and dressing for my age which is 56.

    1. Dressing your age is always a good thing and it's great that you enjoy looking nice. Some people don't care at all about their appearance.

  3. Girl, I can relate to most of these! Thanks for the informative and fun post :)

  4. I will say I have to match and my make-up has to be on fleek.