Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tigress' Picks Of The Week

Hello again everyone! I hope you're having an amazing week. I've been working a lot of overtime at work so I'm a bit exhausted but my paycheck is gonna be nice 👌 And besides this is my last night of work before my weekend arrives so I can push through! It's Thursday and you know what that's time to tell you about my picks of the week. This is probably my favorite post day because I get to go shopping and then share my awesome finds with you which I absolutely love doing. So where did I go this week and what amazing deals did I find for you?...

What's Trending Right Now At Forever 21

Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores of all time! I remember when it was a really small store in the mall and it was great then but when it became a two story mega store I was super excited and now no trip to the mall is complete without at least one quick stop here. The deals here are amazing. Not only are their normal prices reasonable but they always have a huge clearance section and many times it will be buy one get one free. While I love to keep up with all the latest styles and  that's what I try my best to post on here every week, there's just something about an awesome deal on clearance that makes my heart do a funny little dance when I walk out with my bags of newly purchased super deals. This store has everything...juniors, plus size, kids, men's, shoes, accessories, etc. If you don't normally shop in Junior's stores you should at least shop here. While the jeans may fit you a little different, the shirts and dresses will look amazing on you. My mom is over 60 and she still buys clothes from here and so can you! The only downside to this mega store is all the inventory it has. There are so many clothes to see it's a little overwhelming. I've spent a couple of hours here before and not seen everything so when you shop here you should do so with a game plan or you may end up spending way too much money... GUILTY 😔 OK so now to tell you what I've picked for you...

First Picture: Less than $25
Pink Bell Sleeve Crop Top
Purple floral shorts
Ivory Lace Bell Sleeve Crop Top
Red Bandana Shirt
Black Floral Dress

Second Picture: Less than $25
Coral Romper
Green Romper
Multi-Patterned Striped Dress
Black Jumpsuit

Third Picture: Less than $35
Black & Ivory Purse
Lavender Ankle Strap Heels
Black Studded Sandals
Blush Pink Purse

All of these choices are really cute and super hot right now. The bell sleeve crop tops I loved but they showed a little more stomach than I care to show. Maybe after I purchase a pair of high waisted jeans I'll come back for these. The purple floral shorts I almost bought but at the last minute I put them back. The bandana shirt is cute on the hanger but wasn't cute on me. The rompers were cute but too short. I'm a little too old for my behind to quite literally be hanging out of my shorts.  The multi patterned dress was pretty and the perfect length for me but the back was too low cut for my liking. The shoes and purses were amazing but I didn't need either right now so I ended up taking home the black floral dress and the black Jumpsuit. Both of these items fit perfectly and looked amazing. I can't wait to feature them both in future posts 😉 Any of these items would be perfect for your spring wardrobe. Just because some of them didn't look right on me doesn't mean they won't look great on you. Always be sure to try on all items before buying especially at Forever 21 seeing as they only allow exchanges and no returns. Now it's time to go shopping ladies...

Did you see anything you liked? Which items would you have went home with? I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment with your thoughts and opinions. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to get updates about blog posts as they go live and to see pictures that don't make it onto this blog. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and be sure to check back tomorrow to see how to wear the hottest new shoe styles for spring.

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress ❤


  1. Oh you found some great stuff! I always feel so overwhelmed when I go in really do need a game plan when going in. I always seem people finding such great things there, but I hardly find stuff there! Arg, I never know where to go!

    1. I completely understand. You may benefit more from going online. They have the same stuff and it's easier to search for what you're looking for :)