Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tigress' Picks Of The Week

Hey everyone. It's Thursday and that means it's time to share with you some amazing deals I found last weekend. Have you been shopping lately? If so I'm sure you've noticed that the spring items are starting to go on sale to make room for all the awesome summer items. This is one of the best times of the year to go shopping and I plan to take full advantage of these sales this weekend 😆 Why didn't I shop all the sales last weekend? Because the store being featured today doesn't need to put stuff on sale because all of their clothing is already super affordable. So what store offers great deals all year long?...

What's Trending Right Now At ROSS

I absolutely love Ross and I go shopping there as often as possible. You can always find great prices there and many times I have found what I call super deals. A super deal is when you find an item that is pretty pricey at other stores but you buy it for about 80% off. There have been many times I have found a popular name brand purse or shoes and gotten them really cheap. You can find anything at Ross from clothing and shoes to items for your bathroom and kitchen. Every time I shop there I end up staying an hour at the bare minimum but most of the time it's at least two hours spent browsing through all their amazing inventory. So what items do I have to share with you this week?

First Picture: less than $20
Jewel neckline blouse
Floral blouse with necklace
Skinny jeans
Coral elephant pattern shirt
Cream Paris shirt

Second Picture: less than $10
Striped casual dress
Colorful patterned tank dress

Third Picture: less than $40
Black and white striped BJ purse
Black wedge sandals
Red sling back heels
Pink and ivory floral BJ purse

I wanted to get both of the purses so bad but I had just purchased a Betsy Johnson purse from Burlington the week before so I reluctantly put them both back. The shoes were super cute especially the red ones but I decided not to get them either because my shopping budget for the week was already getting pretty low. I ended up leaving with the skinny jeans, jewel neckline blouse, coral elephant pattern shirt, cream Paris shirt, and the striped casual dress. The floral shirt with the necklace didn't fit me right and the colorful patterned tank dress was cute but it draped over my curves too much and looked as if it was swallowing me. I will try to feature everything I purchased on future blog posts but they will definitely be available to view on my Instagram page.

Did you like any of the items I picked for the week? Are you planning to make a mad dash to the store to snap up these great deals before they are gone? 😉 I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram @fashionabletigress and on Twitter and Pinterest @tigressfashion. I just started using Snapchat so as soon as I can figure out how to properly work it I will leave my username for that as well. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and just remember it's almost the weekend!!

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress ❤


  1. Those shoes are super fun!

    1. Aren't they. Wish I would've gotten them...

  2. I love the floral blouse with the necklace and the patterned tank dress! I recently purchased a similar style dress that has elephants on it. Nice and flowy for hopefully warm weather soon! x

    1. I loved the tank dress too but it just didn't look right on me. Hopefully you get warm weather soon. Here in Southeast Texas it's already in the 80s