Monday, August 8, 2016

Must Have Shoes Of The Week

Hello everyone and happy Monday! It's the first day of the work week for many of you and I know you're super excited to get it started...LOL That was a bit of sarcasm since most people hate Mondays but just keep in mind there's only four more days until the weekend. Hopefully that will help keep those Monday blues away. If you love shoes then today's post should also help to lift your spirits since I'm going to tell you about an amazing pair of shoes that you can order right now. Who doesn't love knowing they have a package on the way? It almost feels like Christmas!! HAHA So what shoes did I pick for this week's must have shoes? 

The Shoes  
Since fall is right around the corner I wanted to pick a pair of shoes that would be great for not only the current summer season but also for the fall. An amazing pair of sneakers is a definite must have for anytime of the year and these classic Adidas are everything right now!! These super cute retro kicks will go with so many different styles that buying a pair of these cuties is like an investment in your style ;) There are several different colors to choose from and Journeys even has pretty pastel colors coming to stores for fall but to me it's all about the classic white. I've linked these shoes HERE for you. So how would I style these awesome sneakers?

My Style
Wearing these sneakers with dresses seems to be the style that is dominating Instagram right now. While this is a cute and unique way to wear them, I can't bring myself to do it because this is just one of those styles that I don't feel should've been resurrected from the 90s. However, the shoes are adorable and I'd wear them with either jeans or shorts to keep the style casual. For my example I chose the classic white and black Adidas and paired them with cute blue jean shorts and cuffed skinny jeans. For the shirts I chose two different graphic tees since these are super popular right now and I love the sayings on both these shirts. If you'd like to recreate either of these looks I've linked all of these items HERE for you. For a peek at a few other graphic tees that I think are pretty awesome click HERE and HERE

Aren't these shoes awesome? Did you have a pair of these classic kicks back in the day? What color would you wear and how would you style them? I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Hopefully I made your day a little brighter! I hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday and happy shopping :)

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress

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  1. Loving the Adidas shoes! I've been seeing them everywhere myself! Great picks!

    1. Thanks Kiara😊 I think I'm gonna go get myself a pair😉

  2. Love this! It's a great look and I love the shoes!

  3. those shoes are awesome look like what I would call old school some of my favorites