Thursday, September 29, 2016

Top 10 Picks Of The Week

Hey everyone and happy Thursday!! I hope you're having an awesome week. Tonight is my last night of work for this week and I couldn't be more ready for the weekend. I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I'm seriously thinking of trying something a little different but I'll talk with my wonderful stylist first and see what she thinks. No one else has touched my hair since 2013 so I trust her to make the right decision :) I know it's going to turn out awesome! So, how are you enjoying this awesome fall weather we are having FINALLY? I'm so happy the temperatures have dropped enough for me to wear some of the awesome new styles I have purchased for fall. Have you been shopping for your fall wardrobe yet? If not and you're looking for some ideas you have come to the right place. For this weeks top 10 picks I went to a store that everyone knows and that I have recently fallen in love with. So, where did I go this week??

To me Target is a slight step up from Walmart because they sell very similar products and the stores are set up almost the same, but the main difference with the clothing is Target is a little higher quality and therefore more expensive. They do have amazing dressing rooms! Kudos to you Target because I have been in some horrible dressing rooms that make me want to leave and never return. They also have a great fall fashion selection! As soon as I started browsing through the racks I knew I would be leaving with more than one item. All of their clothing for fall is super cute and stylish so it was extremely difficult to choose which ones to buy. But, after an hour or so of searching and trying stuff on, I decided on the following items as this weeks top 10 picks.

The Top 10
I love these skirts. I have literally seen almost every fashion blogger I follow wearing one of these recently and I think this is the perfect skirt for fall. There are several different colors to choose from so you can pick your favorite. This would be great with leggings and ankle boots.

2-Floral lace up body suit *similar $19.99
I'm not a big fan of these. Don't get me wrong they are super cute but they are also a pain when trying to go to the bathroom. I picked this one because I thought it was extremely cute and the bell sleeves are gorgeous. I actually tried this on with the skirt and it was a super cute combo so there's a great outfit idea for fall :) This particular color and pattern is no longer available online so I linked a pretty pink one instead.

I love the color green so I snatched this top the second I saw it on the rack. These tops are really in style right now too so this top would be the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe. Pair this with a cute pair of ankle boots and jeans and it's a great outfit for a casual day out with friends.

This top is one of my favorites! I love the floral pattern and the material is super soft and stretchy so it's form fitting but not too revealing. I think this top would be perfect with a pair of skinny jeans and either ankle boots or lace up flats. This is definitely a must have fall item!

I thought this top was so cute on the hanger but I wasn't too happy with the way it looked on me. I think I have too small of a frame to pull this one off but I still think it's super cute and I love the pattern. This would look cute with some flare leg jeans and wedge booties.

This knitted cold shoulder top screams fall and is super cute. Be aware that this top is see through so you'll definitely need an undershirt with this one. I love the color and the material is perfect for fall weather. This would look great paired with skinny jeans and ankle boots.

This dress is AMAZING!! Not only is it the perfect length for a shortie like me but the material is also soft and very stretchy. This dress fit me like a glove and isn't too heavy for a slightly warmer day. I think this beauty would look great paired with some clogs or heels and maybe even some wedges. Perfect dress for fall!!

This dress is a great addition to anyone's fall wardrobe. The mock neck makes it warm so it will be great for those chilly nights and it would look great with a pair of leggings and some boots. The fit is very loose like a shift dress so keep that in mind when choosing a size. 

This dress reminds me of something you see on an old baby doll in your moms closet. I thought it was too adorable and I know someone will love it and want it in their new fall wardrobe. I didn't like the way it fit me personally because, since I have such a small frame, it looked as if I was a little kid who just raided her moms closet. LOL. I think this beauty will look perfect on someone with a larger frame and of course with a cute pair of wedge boots.

10-Red floral dress $27.99
This was the first item I grabbed upon entering the store. I love the color, the fitted waist, and the tassel ties in the front. It was the perfect fit and I know it will look great with a pair of ankle boots and tights. This style looks great on just about everyone so be sure to grab one of these cuties before they sell out.

I ended up buying two of these items for myself but I'm keeping which ones a secret until I get a chance to feature them on a blog post ;) Which one of these is your favorite? How would you style it to make an outfit? I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Be sure to spread the love and share this post with someone who will love these picks as much as I do. I hope you have an amazing day and happy shopping :)

Goodbye for now...Fashionable Tigress

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  1. Replies
    1. I know right?! It looked good with the bodysuit too ❤

  2. Being Canadian I am so jealous of Target! We had Target in Canada for about 1 year and then that was it, so sad! Target is my definite go-to whenever I travel to the U.S. and this is why!! Great post.

    1. Thanks Carrie❤ I didn't realize there wasn't a target in Canada. That is sad. Maybe you can order a few things online.

  3. Totally agree about Target being a step up from Wal-Mart. Unfortunately Target has made some terrible business decisions.

    1. I had no idea Target made bad decisions. I love both Walmart and Target but to me target is a bit overpriced for the stuff they have.

  4. I'm not crazy about all the patterns, but I can't get enough of that floral bodysuit!!!!

    1. I love the patterns. Guess I'm a sucker for a good pattern but yes that floral bodysuit is really cute ❤