Friday, February 5, 2016

5 Ways To Spice Up That Little Black Dress

The little black dress has become an iconic symbol of grace and beauty ever since Audrey Hepburn wore one in the classic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Whether you’re going to a dinner party or out for a night on the town, the LBD is always the perfect choice. There are so many different styles to choose from and it’s really easy to accessorize. So, why doesn’t every woman own one of these must have items? It’s simple…many of us love to be somewhat flashy and the LBD can seem plain and somewhat boring. No one wants to seem boring even if the dress is super slimming and looks awesome on you. So how do you solve this little dilemma and look stunning and exciting at the same time? You have to have awesome accessories. Deciding what to wear with your dress can really make or break you. I have chosen 5 ways to accessorize that will always be in fashion and will make you stand out at any event or in any social situation.

#1: Wild Print Shoes
Wearing an awesome pair of leopard or zebra print heels will make that LBD pop. Animal prints in general make you seem adventurous and risky so why would you not want to pair this print with just about any solid color? For added effect wear a belt or purse with the same print or at least one that has one of the colors in the print. If animal prints aren’t your thing you can always pick any patterned shoe such as a floral, but I strongly encourage you to get out of that comfort zone and try that animal print. You won’t regret it I assure you! For my example I chose a very form fitting sleeveless dress that hits just below or above the knee depending on your height. I paired the dress with a gorgeous pair of leopard high heels trimmed in red. I decided to add a little more to the outfit with a cute thin red belt. You can also wear a leopard print belt if you wish or carry a red or leopard print purse. With this outfit you a sure to turn a few heads!

#2: Statement Necklace
Wearing an awesome necklace is a must for the LBD. It draws attention to your face and, if you choose the right color for your skin tone, will make you stand out and look amazing. Don’t worry about it being too much. Statement necklaces come in all sizes so if you have a smaller frame wear one that is slightly smaller. Fuller figured women can pull off the larger pieces so by all means ladies do that! To add even more to your outfit try to match either the shoes or the purse to the color of the necklace. For my example I chose a sleeveless dress with a tight waist that flares out from the waist down. This style works well with all body types and can make the wearer feel like a princess. I think I’ll start calling this one the princess cut! I paired the dress with a beautiful necklace with green and clear diamond flowers. This necklace says hello I’m confident and girly and I’m not afraid to let you know it. To add to the outfit I paired the necklace with the cutest green high heels. With this outfit you will have every man in the room wanting your number.

#3: Gold Purse
Who doesn’t love gold accessories? The color gold pairs beautifully with black and makes you look very ritzy and classy. The trick is to keep it subtle. You don’t want to overdo it by wearing too much gold jewelry or having all your accessories in gold. The best way to keep it subtle yet still amazing is wearing a gold purse. A cute gold clutch or purse will make that small difference between boring and interesting. You can add to the outfit by pairing the gold purse with one other gold accessory. Wear a cute gold necklace or gold shoes. Just remember ladies with gold keep it simple. For my example I chose a cap sleeved dress that is tight in the waist then flares down from there. This style is very elegant and goes well with all body types. I paired the dress with a sequined gold purse. This is the perfect purse for that dinner party coming up or for a night out on the town. To add to the outfit I added black heels with gold leaves. The leaves create that subtle gold look I was talking about and make the whole outfit look dressy and glamourous. With this outfit you’re sure to steal the spotlight.

#4: Bold Print Scarf
A scarf is always a great accessory for any outfit. For the LBD it’s often overlooked but it shouldn’t be. Scarves come in a variety of colors and patterns so the sky is the limit when trying to accessorize that dress. If you really want to stand out and be noticed wear a scarf with a bold pattern. This will make you look daring and bold. You can always just wear a plain bold color but what’s the fun in that? A black dress is the perfect canvas to create an awe inspiring outfit with fantastic printed accessories. To add to the outfit you should match your shoes to one of the colors in the scarf. This will pull the whole outfit together so everything matches and flows just right. For my example I chose a simple sleeveless black dress that will look great on everyone. I paired the dress with a purple animal print scarf that is absolutely adorable. To add to the outfit I picked a pair of purple heeled booties that match the lighter purple in the scarf. This is the perfect outfit for a day out with friends. With this outfit you will be ready to conquer your day knowing you’re beautiful and coordinated. 

#5: Red Accessories
I saved my favorite for last! Red accessories are the best thing possible to pair with your LBD. The color red is super sexy and will make that dress look so hot you may need to carry a fire extinguisher with you to put out all those fires you fierce woman! Just be sure you have the attitude to wear red. Red is a very confident color so you must be assertive and sure of yourself while wearing it. If you do this you will have no problem getting everyone’s attention….are you sure you can handle it? For my example I chose a long halter dress with a plunging neckline. If you don’t have the assets to fill out the top just be sure to buy a bra with lots of extra padding and one that pushes you up. Victoria’s Secret sells a wonderful bra that adds 2 cup sizes! For you ladies that are already well endowed this is the perfect dress for you. I paired the dress with a gorgeous pair of red strappy heels and a beautiful red and diamond rose necklace with matching earrings. The flowers give the outfit a very feminine feel and the heels of course make it super sexy. With this outfit you will feel on fire!

I’m sure there are many more ways to accessorize the LBD. I just chose 5 that I absolutely love and I believe will make you look your best. As always I love feedback. Please leave me a comment or shoot me an email with any comments or suggestions. You can also follow me on Instagram…search Fashionable Tigress…and you can like my Facebook page under the same name. I hope everyone has a great weekend and be sure to check back Sunday for my outfit pics!

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