Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blue Cable Knit Sweater

Hey again everyone. I hope you're having an awesome week so far. It's Wednesday so that means the week is halfway over for most of you! Are you as ready for the weekend as I am? This weekend I have plans with my mom for her birthday so I'm super excited about that. What are your plans for the weekend? Hopefully you get to have some fun :) Whatever it is you're doing be sure to add some shopping to your list because it's always a good time to buy clothes.

I'm having a hard time letting go of the winter season because I love wearing sweaters so I wanted to share with you a sweater I wore a couple of weekends ago. The cable knit sweater is the epitome of winter style. I don't own many of these but I'd be remiss not to include the one that I do have before winter is over. This blue cable knit sweater from Forever 21 is a great buy. Not only is it comfortable but it's also thick so it will keep you warm during these last few lingering weeks of winter. The neck opening is a little small so if you have a slightly larger neck or head then you may not want to attempt this one. I had only a little bit of an issue getting it over my head but it wasn't too bad and it was so worth the effort. The jeans I found at Burkes outlet. They are extremely stretchy which I love because I can move more freely and I don't feel as constricted as I do when wearing normal cotton jeans. The boots I found at Ross. They are very comfortable and I have worn them literally everywhere from rock concerts to church. They not only tie down the front but they also have a side zipper which I use more than the ties. It makes getting them off and on faster. I felt super comfortable and cute in this outfit which was perfect for the errands I was running that day.




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Goodbye for now...fashionable tigress ♡