Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tigress' Picks Of The Week

Hello everyone! We've made it past hump day and now we can see the weekend on the horizon. It's Thursday and that means it's time to show you guys the awesome deals I've found for the week. I'm starting something new this week. Instead of making you guys wait until Sunday to find out where you can find these items I'll reveal that right away, but my choice won't be revealed until Sunday as usual. Thanks for all the feedback because that's what helps me make these decisions.

This week I chose a store called L'Patricia. It's a store geared towards juniors sizes but they do have a plus size section as well and they are starting to get some children's clothing too. You can find everything from every day wear to prom dresses here so there's something for everyone. I chose 3 sweaters to show you this week. The first one is a cute blue and white striped sweater that fits really well and isn't too thick so it's still good to wear for the spring. The second one is a black sweater with a sash that ties in the front. It looks really good on but the material is a little scratchy for those of us with sensitive skin. The third one is a gorgeous aqua color that is soft on the skin and very lightweight so it too can be worn for the spring season. All of these 3 items are great buys but if none of these catch your eye I'm sure the store has something else for you. You should definitely check it out :)

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week. Be sure to check back Sunday to see which one of these items I chose and to see how I made it into an outfit. Also don't forget tomorrow I'll have an article on the 5 best new items for spring for you to check out. As always I love feedback so leave me a message or send me an email at letting me know which one is your favorite.
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