Friday, February 12, 2016

5 Valentine's Day Outfits For That Hot Date

With Valentine’s Day this weekend I’m sure everyone is thinking the same thing…what am I going to wear? Picking the perfect outfit is crucial for that hot date with your significant other. We all want to look our best and make sure we keep our date’s eyes on us all night. When deciding what to wear take into consideration where you’re going. You wouldn’t want to wear a nice dress to go bowling or 6 inch heels for a walk in the park. Or maybe you’re a rebel and you totally would, but I want to be not only stylish but super comfortable as well so to help you make that decision I’ve picked out 5 V-day outfits for 5 different dates.

#1: The Red Dress-dinner date
Everyone should own a red dress. There’s something about the color red that makes a girl feel super sexy and confident which is probably why I’ve never seen anyone look bad in that color. Also, what’s the first color you think of when someone says Valentine’s Day? RED! The red dress is perfect if you’re going out to a nice dinner. It’s also the best opportunity to wear those cute heels seeing as you will be sitting most of the night anyway and won’t have to worry about aching feet later. You can wear any shade of red you like, but for my example I chose a deep blood red. This shade makes me feel romantic and mysterious at the same time which I love. I paired the dress with matching strappy heels and a gorgeous necklace. This outfit is sure to make a lasting impression. Photo credit:,,

#2: The Pink Blouse-movie date
Pink is the second color everyone thinks about when deciding on a color for Valentine’s Day so I’d be remiss not to include it in this post. Like red, pink also looks good on just about anyone and makes the wearer feel feminine and flirty. A blouse is perfect if you want to be dressy but not overly so and is a great choice for that movie date. There are so many shades of pink to choose from, but for my example I picked a lighter shade that screams I want to be subtle but still absolutely gorgeous. The ruffle sleeves and front detail are perfect for the woman who wants to add a little extra something to the outfit without having to over accessorize to do so. I paired the blouse with a pair of cuffed skinny jeans and the cutest matching two tone wedges with a bow to make you feel super girly. You can also wear a nice pair of ballet flats if wedges aren’t your thing. With this outfit you’re sure to be a real show stopper. Photo credit:,,

#3: The Floral Dress-romantic getaway
Ah the floral dress. There’s nothing more feminine than this. I don’t think anyone can wear a floral dress without having the sudden urge to put on a Nicholas Sparks movie or read an entire romance novel from cover to cover. Okay maybe I’m slightly exaggerating just a bit, but there is something about a floral pattern that makes you just feel overly romantic. This is the perfect outfit for that weekend getaway you have planned in honor of V-day. Even if it’s only one night away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, this outfit is sure to scream I love you and I want to be romanced today! Sure once you get to where you’re going you’ll want to dress more comfortably, but for that first impression when you get picked up and whisked away this is the outfit you want to be wearing. For my example I chose a beautiful sleeveless dress with a blue and green floral pattern. I’ve read many studies to safely say that his favorite color is probably blue so why not wear his favorite color for a change!? And if blue isn’t his favorite color you can always find a dress that will match what he likes. I paired the dress with an awesome pair of matching blue heels and a beautiful blue bracelet. If you prefer green you can find matching green accessories to bring out that color instead. Also, you can wear flats or wedges if you have trouble walking in heels. Nothing breaks the mood quite like you falling on your face. With this outfit you’re sure to have the ultimate romantic experience. Photo credit:,,

#4: The Purple Sweater-walk in the park
I love wearing purple for Valentine’s Day. In fact I’m probably going to wear a purple sweater this year for my date. Most people wear red or pink for this day so if you want to stand out but still look stunning purple is a great choice. There are many different shades of purple and not all of them look good with all skin tones so make sure you find the right shade for you. I look good in dark purple but not so hot in lavender so I try to stick with the darker shades. A sweater is a great choice for February since it’s usually still cold, but if it’s too hot for one you can always wear a short sleeved shirt instead. You might think a walk in the park would be too hot for a sweater, but most V-day dates are at night since it’s more romantic that way so I chose a sweater for a night walk in the park. For my example I chose a dark purple cowl neck tunic sweater. The neckline works with all body types and the sweater as a whole is not too restricting so you can be comfortable for your nice walk. I paired the sweater with a pair of black leggings and black knee high boots. The style of the boot is perfect for walking and will provide some support for your feet as opposed to flats. With this outfit you will be so comfortable that you can focus all your attention on the person next to you. Photo credit:,,

#5: The Heart Print Top-activity date
 Hearts and Valentine’s Day are synonymous in that you can’t think of one without the other. So, why not wear a heart printed top on your V-day date?! Heart symbols have been replacing the word LOVE for as long as I can remember so when you are wearing hearts on your person you can’t help but think of love. It’s perfect for those couples who haven’t actually said those three little words yet because this is like a subliminal message. It’s shouting “say you love me already” without you having to say a word or hint at anything. This outfit is great for an activity date such as bowling or miniature golf. You won’t feel too restricted so you can beat him at all the games you guys play…or you can let him win if you like…and still look amazing. For my example I chose a gorgeous heart blouse with ruffle sleeves and buttons to make you feel super feminine. I paired the shirt with a cute pair of distressed skinny jeans and tan strappy wedges. This outfit has a girly feel but is very casual so you don’t look too overdressed. With this outfit his attention definitely won’t be on the game! Photo credit:,,

I hope I was able to give you some great ideas on how to dress for that big date night coming up. I’m sure you will all look absolutely amazing no matter what you decide to wear. Just remember ladies that confidence is key. Whatever you are wearing always be confident in that you are stunning and you will be. I wish all of you a wonderful weekend and a very happy Valentine’s Day.

Goodbye for now….fashionable tigress

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