Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tigress' Picks Of The Week

Hello everyone! I hope you are having an amazing week. It's Thursday which means this week is almost over. Who's excited for the weekend? I know I sure am! You know what else is today? It's time for my picks of the week. For those of you who just started following me, every week I go to a different store and pick 3 articles of clothing that I absolutely love then I pick my favorite of those and write a post about it. Sounds super fun right?! I certainly enjoy doing it as I love to shop. Also there's only 2 more weeks of winter in my opinion so I'll be able to start shopping for spring soon.

This week my decision was fairly easy. All of the sweaters were awesome but of course I had to pick only one so it came down to the question do I have anything similar at home already? I've made this mistake before and had too many items that look alike so I'm gonna really focus on not doing that anymore. So where did I find these items? You will have to check back on Sunday to find out and see how I made my favorite into an outfit. Also be sure to check back tomorrow for ideas on what items in your wardrobe can transition from winter to spring...

Which one is your favorite? Be sure to leave me a comment with your answer. I would love to hear your opinion. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

Goodbye for now...fashionable tigress ♡

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